Changing To a New MIG Wire, Step-by-Step

Implementing a new welding wire can offer productivity, quality benefits and more, but changing to a new wire may change everything. The payoff is worth it, says Hobart, and they gave us this list of factors to account for, to make the change a step-by-step, systematic process.

Continental divide

Sharing many of the same challenges as U.S. manufacturers, a European fabricator embodies the philosophy of Industry 4.0

Benefits of Laser Welding

‘Big’ means ships. This is an aspect of automation that isn’t obvious, unless you weld really big stuff. If you do, here’s a rundown. If you don’t, here’s automation for welding ships.

Quality Assurance in Laser Welding

Producing a quality laser weld should be a multi-pronged effort that begins at setup, continues with the welding process itself, and ends with post-processing work.

Welding Carriages for Big Jobs

Waterjet cutting has made some great strides, but there are still misunderstandings about how much it has improved. And there are still more opportunities to harness its benefits in a variety of cutting applications.

Efficient extraction

Fume extraction guns offer features that can improve flexibility and results for the MIG welding process

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