Press Brake Tooling

A Close Look at Wila’s Crowning System

We let Wila speak for themselves about their advanced crowning system for press brakes. Of course they’re enthusiastic about the results of their labors; they’re also thorough, so we didn’t hold them back.

Automation: Press Brakes’ Word of the Day

Automated setup capabilities are integral to making automated short-run production economical for fabricators. Of course, the goal is to eventually reach the point where short-run production is actually economical on a fully automated system.“What we really need is automatic tool changing,” he says. “The system has to not just be able to operate by itself,… Continued

Measuring Bending Angles

Springback is the bane of air bending, and it gets worse as workpiece materials become stronger. Here’s an update on how major press brake builders are coping with it.

Lean, streamlined

Hydraulic clamping systems help fabricators find competitive advantages

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