Uninterrupted cuts

Cutting grated material with oxyfuel has always come with a degree of difficulty, but a new plasma process offers a better way

CO2 Versus Fiber Laser: Cost to Cut a Part

Editor’s Note: Don Hoffman has decades of experience with laser cutters and brings to the table a combination of independence, research skills, and thoughtful analysis. Here he tackles a moving target, with appropriate care and cautions, to write a useful guide to the relative per-part costs with CO2 and fiber lasers.

The State of Plasma with Evan Smith

Smith sees plasma systems being increasingly networked through the cloud in the future. In building those customer relationships, I think producers and partners will need to go beyond the equipment or system performance itself and increasingly look at the total value stream and product lifecycle for the customer, in order to gain an understanding of… Continued

Taking it off-road

Racing pit box manufacturer Murrco Fabrication opens waterjet job shop, extending its customer base off the track

Global goals

The possibilities of having an abrasive waterjet in every machine shop

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