Sawing technology takes a front seat

Virtual demonstrations and parameters set from a database aren’t features that come to mind when we think about sawing. But technology leaves few stones unturned. Even sawing is going high-tech.

Stark improvements

A steel service center cuts consumable costs by an impressive 24 percent while improving plasma cutting efficiency

Wavelength Dependency in High Power Laser Cutting

Relative speeds and costs dominate the fiber-versus-CO2 comparison, but the 10:1 difference in wavelengths has other consequences for the laser user. The speed race has evolved since this story was first published in a laser association journal, but not the practical issues related to wavelength. Also, it addressed 3D laser cutting; the principles still hold for 2D. Consider this essential background for anyone who wants to understand more about using fiber and CO2. For the latest on speeds, as they say in the car business, call for today’s prices.

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