Bending & Folding (Equipment)

Press Brakes for Giants

They’re the monsters of the press brake world. But they operate like their smaller cousins, with a little help to handle the big work.

Up and Down Folding

Continuing a discussion of CNC folding machines from our April issue, details of the machine operation and dynamics illuminate their distinction from press brakes.

High-tech Folding

Folding machines are evolving by adding degrees of automation, one feature at a time. But there is a lot more to it than just replacing manual handling. From CAD drawing to finished parts, the most advanced folders can run lights-out, producing top-level accuracy on some very difficult jobs.

A Close Look at Wila’s Crowning System

We let Wila speak for themselves about their advanced crowning system for press brakes. Of course they’re enthusiastic about the results of their labors; they’re also thorough, so we didn’t hold them back.

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