Bending & Folding (Equipment)

Shaping cuts

One Belgium shop’s success lies in the niche market of large sheet metal processing

Bending the Strong Stuff

If you’re facing a press-brake job with one of the new high-strength steels, one you haven’t worked before, brace yourself. It may look simple, but it can be full of surprises.

Press Brakes for Giants

They’re the monsters of the press brake world. But they operate like their smaller cousins, with a little help to handle the big work.

High-tech Folding

Folding machines are evolving by adding degrees of automation, one feature at a time. But there is a lot more to it than just replacing manual handling. From CAD drawing to finished parts, the most advanced folders can run lights-out, producing top-level accuracy on some very difficult jobs.

Up and Down Folding

Continuing a discussion of CNC folding machines from our April issue, details of the machine operation and dynamics illuminate their distinction from press brakes.

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