Automation and Robotics

Manufacturing industry person of the year

Each year, FAB Shop Magazine Direct has the honor of naming our Manufacturing Industry Person of the Year. And this year is no different. Well, mostly. Every year, every month, basically every time you blink your eyes, the face of the manufacturing industry looks a little different than it did before. It is continually becoming… Continued

Buying a robot

For anyone who’s recently attended a trade show or talked to a neighboring fabricator, there is no denying the tremendous impact the growing industrial robot install base is having on the manufacturing sector. From machine tending to material removal, servo-driven industrial arms are agile enough to perform all kinds of tasks. Robots can also reduce… Continued

Growing with Automation

A top-ranked shop has grown through the automation evolution, and has found a home for the early implementations of automation as well as the latest. Every step has been scrutinized and purchased with care.

Tasked for greatness

Collaborative robots deliver a fast return on investment for the production of firefighting equipment

Phone home

Automotive robots aren’t just getting smarter; they’re also becoming more talkative

Robot revolution

A popular vacuum-cleaning robot clears a path for collaborative robots to make further inroads in industrial manufacturing settings

Viva robotics!

Alfa Romeo’s new car, the Giulia, hits the road with the help of articulated robots

Championing robotics

Successful robotic implementation can be achieved by assigning a robotic champion at the onset

Selecting droids

Robots are being used to perform an increasing variety of tasks, but getting started often requires guidance

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