3D Printing

Industry insight

Thanks to small startups and industry stalwarts alike, the concept of Industry 4.0 is taking hold 

Dispensing insight

Vending machines have long been convenient and low-cost devices for offering a variety of food and drink choices for those on the go or in need of some quick fuel. As with most technologies, the vending machine industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years. As with most industries, the Internet and digitization… Continued

Printing Features You Can’t Machine

Linear Mold & Engineering (Livonia, MI) builds sophisticated injection molds and other tools using additive manufacturing (AM). They’re using direct laser melting with nine different metals, but their big one for high-performance tools is maraging steel. “It’s a good steel for making tools,” says Lou Young, “It can be hardened similarly to H13 or S7,… Continued

A Pitch for Plastic

When a major truck manufacturer starts using ABS plastic to make jigs and fixtures, it’s time for an attitude adjustment about using plastics in additive manufacturing for fabricating tasks.

Connecting the Shop Floor

Interconnectivity was a dominating theme at Fabtech, and it is evolving into a new concept with a new buzzword, ‘Industry 4.0.’ Its meaning is broad and it will take some time to tame it into something useful, but it’s coming fast and it will affect us all.

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