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FAB Shop Magazine Direct

FAB Shop Magazine Direct is tailored to fabrication shops and plants that cut, bend, form and weld sheet and plate. FSM targets a group of processes that are common to fabricating shops of all sizes. The undiluted, up-to-date articles are industry-specific and comprehensive. FSM reaches 74,749 opt-in subscribers

Welding Productivity

Welding Productivity is the up-to-the-minute source for news about the new methods and products that have turned welding into a high-tech industry. From training and software to controls, robotics and materials, if it’s new and it boosts welding productivity, WP is on top of it. WP reaches 148,623 opt-in subscribers.

Shop Floor Lasers

Shop Floor Lasers is published for people who buy, manage and use lasers built for metalworking. This field moves fast and SFL stays one step ahead, reporting on the trends, news and evolving applications for lasers, from cutting and welding to automation and additive manufacturing. SFL reaches 60,381 opt-in subscribers.

Sawing Productivity

SP came to be due to the fact that virtually every metal fabricating facility begins its process with a sawing operation. As the material mix evolves with the times, so, too, must the saws that cut that material. SP addresses the methods in which sawing manufacturers are keeping fabricators on the cutting edge.

Modern Abrasives & Deburring

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to prepping and finishing parts in manufacturing facilities. To reduce bottlenecks and quickly move to the next stage of the fabricating process, capitalizing on modern abrasives and deburring equipment is key. MAD delivers on the strategies that work.

Stamping Productivity

Stamping Productivity is centered on the massive $60 billion stamping market in North America. From hydraulic and mechanical presses to the new servo presses that offer businesses the enhanced flexibility and energy savings they need, STP covers the technologies that are in demand today. STP reaches 30,021 opt-in subscribers.

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