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A single unified ERP system helps manufacturers boost their customer response times


Phillips Safety Products’ roots run deep – all the way back to 1905 when the company was producing glasses for Bausch & Lomb. As the company grew and matured, it added safety products to its mix, including mobile radiation shields and barriers used in medical settings.

As is true with a host of other successful businesses, Phillips Safety recently adopted a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the goal to reduce its time to market and enhance its customer service response time. The company’s efforts fall in line with a growing number of companies that see Industry 4.0 and full operations connectivity as the path to increased competitiveness.

Priority partner

Prior to implementing its new ERP system, Phillips Safety depended on two separate, loosely integrated sales and inventory management systems that required duplicate data entry and reporting. But that situation quickly changed when the company chose Priority Software Ltd., a global provider of business management solutions, as its new technology partner.

Priority Software replaced Phillips Safety’s disparate in-house systems with a modern ERP system that provided a holistic view of its entire operations: sales order and manufacturing processes, real-time inventory information and Priority Talk, the system’s real-time chat communications.

Manufacturers have a lot to oversee, which is why the Priority ERP software covers the entire supply chain.

A convenient, chat-like internal collaboration tool, Priority Talk enables employees and teams across departments and sites to review open issues and orders and talk about their work within the context of the work itself, organizing and prioritizing these chats, to improve the process and the final outcome.

To further enhance customer service, Priority ERP’s flexible API enables Phillips Safety to customize its shipping processes and offer distributors customized drop-ship service, provided by Priority partner, ShipEngine, a shipping API and multi-carrier shipping system that is integrated into Priority ERP.

A customized shipping process, such as ShipEngine, is web-based, enabling developers to build white-labeled workflows to provide best-in-class shipping and real-time parcel tracking and to address validation functionality directly to e-commerce stores, logistics and warehouse providers, system integrators, e-commerce application integrators, and new application developers.

Easy onboarding

Priority ERP thrives on innovation, delivering the tools and functionality to meet the unique needs of growing consumer product manufacturers like Phillips Safety. Powered by flexibility, system openness and mobility tools, Priority Software believes that ERP systems should and can be “easier to use, easier to implement and easier to maintain and enhance.”

It’s the user experience that is at the heart of Priority ERP, offering an intuitive and advanced user interface. Built with a web HTML5, Priority ERP provides a personalized homepage and screens, fast and easy access to data from anywhere in the system, automatic shortcuts, to-do items/lists, and graphical workflow tools, all supported by responsive Help tools to make learning quick and easy.

Priority ERP supports manufacturing processes and workflows by delivering the necessary tools to achieve this flexibility, including Business Process Management (BPM), mobile application generator, user-level personalization and business rules generator.

The laundry list of items a manufacturer has to manage includes staffing, inventory, parts ordering, invoicing and shipping. A powerful ERP can help keep it all under control.

“Coupled with its exceptionally smooth onboarding, Priority’s user interface was so easy to use and customize that in no time, we doubled our licensed Priority users, never expecting so many employees to jump on board so quickly,” says Brian Struble, IT architect at Phillips Safety. “It was clear that Priority ERP has what it takes to pull together our entire workflow, especially tying in our manufacturing with our sales, customer service and inventory.”

“At Priority Software, we strive to make ERP easier by providing a customizable, comprehensive system that streamlines business processes for manufacturers like Phillips Safety,” says Eran Rozenfeld, managing director, Priority Software U.S. “We are proud to partner with growing companies like Phillips and add them to our U.S. customer roster. Phillips Safety is a testament to Priority Software’s ability to deliver the tools and functionality manufacturers need to increase productivity and grow their business.”

Manufacturing focus

With a focus on the manufacturing industry and a keen understanding of manufacturers’ unique requirements, Priority ERP covers the entire supply chain, from maintaining a production plant, managing work schedules, quality control, inventory, parts ordering, invoicing and shipping, and supporting hundreds of users at multiple sites, in different languages, currencies and time zones.

Today’s manufacturers tackle some of the industry’s toughest challenges – customer and compliance mandates, effective supplier management, cost control and finding new customers to grow the business. Priority ERP supports the next revolution in manufacturing and manufacturing management, including the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 with a dedicated API, enabling app developers to build and leverage applications in Priority that result in powerful integrations and a significantly more flexible ERP system.

Recognized by industry analysts and professionals for its product innovation, Priority ERP improves business efficiency and the customer experience, providing real-time access to business data and insights in the cloud, on the premises and on the go. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel and a global network of business partners, Priority Software enables 75,000 companies in 40 countries to manage and grow their business.

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