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When service and maintenance is planned and prioritized, production costs go down while output goes up


Digital tools

The Press Shop of the Future goes beyond digital tools, though. It comprises Schuler technology, service support and digital solutions to create a fully networked press shop. Digital tools, such as the examples listed in this article, can be easily integrated with existing press systems, even non-Schuler presses, by Schuler Service.

Schuler’s cloud-based Machine Applications reveal hidden efficiency losses and damage risks.

Stopping damages before they occur is always the overriding goal, and Schuler’s Visual Die Protection (VDP), a camera-based monitoring system, was designed to do just that. When in place, manufacturers receive an almost immediate ROI from VDP’s ability to detect foreign objects, inspect processes and monitor die functions. VDP Analyzer is an optional product feature that showcases a two-week history of monitored strokes, real-time comparison of original to current die condition, and an evaluation of press processes and errors.

For further uptime, Schuler’s cloud-based Machine Applications help manufacturers to avoid efficiency losses and damage risks. Machine Applications include:

  • Press Force Monitor: Ensures consistency in the production process and minimizes unplanned downtime by continuously monitoring and optimizing the press force in the machine.
  • Production Monitor: Provides production data, such as stroke rate, machine productivity and status of current production order.
  • Cooling Analytics: Provides analysis and visualization of relevant temperature data and profiles.
  • Lubrication Analytics: Supplies and analyzes information about the lubrication system, such as lubrication cycles, system pressure and oil temperature.
  • Drive Analytics: Displays and analyzes key drive machine parameters, including current (if available), temperatures, electricity consumption (if available) and motor errors.
  • Energy Monitor: An optional product that shows complete energy transparency of the machine for sustainable optimizations and cost reductions.
Schuler’s Visual Die Protection is a camera-based monitoring system designed to stop presses before damages occur.

Service style

When manufacturers take advantage of modernization and digitalization best practices to revitalize their existing equipment, production costs will ultimately go down while output goes up. With nearly 300 experts ready to assist customers with these initiatives, Schuler North America has a large local OEM service support offering.

To reinforce these efforts, Schuler announced the grand opening of its 32,000-sq.-ft. Michigan Ave. service facility last year in Canton, Mich. The facility serves as a local field service and engineering support hub and is equipped with 50- and 5-ton cranes, an in-house press pit for rebuilds and assemblies, spare parts and specialized equipment.

Schuler’s 32,000-sq.-ft. Michigan Ave. service facility serves as a local field service and engineering support hub.

Schuler North America’s Service Agreements include a variety of benefits designed to maximize press availability and decrease production costs:

  • One-time press inspection (Schuler Digital Reports)
  • 40 units of remote support (30 min./unit)
  • Schuler Connect app
  • 25 percent emergency fee waiver
  • Remote service fee waiver (typically charged at a four-hour minimum)
  • 5 percent spare parts discount
  • 5 percent U.S. labor rate discount
  • Data protection where machine data is backed up and saved

When customers take advantage of the various tools and resources made available to them through Schuler, the frequency of those urgent calls is greatly minimized. Manufacturing crisis averted.

Schuler North America

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