March 20, 2023 · in New Products
Weldcote offers shankmounted flap wheels

Aluminum oxide, shank-mounted flap wheels are now available from Weldcote. Intended for use on pneumatic air tools, the flap wheels can be used on stainless steel, steel, alloyed steel, nonferrous metals, aluminum, titanium and glass. A-Prime long-life aluminum oxide flap wheels offer aggressive cut rates and work in small, difficultto-reach areas. A-Prime premium-cut wheels are a flexible X-weight material with a premium initial cut rate. The flaps are good for getting in or around radii, holes and pipes. The flap wheels are available in 3/4-in. to 3-in. sizes and grits ranging from 40 to 320. The shanks measure 1/4 in.

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