November 8, 2021 · in New Products
Weldcote expands welding helmet line

Weldcote offers new models of its Ultraview Plus and Klearview helmets and a new Econoview line. Ultraview Plus helmets feature an optical clarity classification of 1/1/1/1 along with an improved viewing area of 3.94 in. by 3.28 in. The helmets feature cutting edge graphics in three versions. Klearview helmets offers a 3.94 in. by 2.36 in. viewing area and are available in the Emerald design. Offering basic features, Econoview helmets have a viewing area of 3.54 in. by 1.57 in. All models have a True Color feature that improves visibility and reduces eye strain, a 0.1- to 0.8-sec. switching time, a solar cell with battery backup and UV/IR protection.


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