August 13, 2021 · in New Products
Tweco releases push-pull MIG torches

Tweco, an ESAB brand, launched MXH 315PP and MXH 420W PP push-pull MIG torches. These torches maintain constant wire tension between two sets of drive rolls: one set in the feeder and one set in the MXH torch. This solves common feeding problems such as wire slippage, erratic arc performances, wire burning back to the contact tip, cold lap and birdnesting at the feeder rolls. Both versions feed 0.035-in.- to 1/16-in.-dia. wires at speeds of 96 to 709 ipm and come in cable length options of 20 ft. or 33 ft. A straight neck option and a 45-degree bent neck option that rotates 360 degrees are available.


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