March 24, 2023 · in New Products
TAB offers larger orbital wrappers

TAB Industries LLC enlarged the standard sizes of its Tornado orbital stretch wrappers. The new models feature a choice of 80-in., 100-in. and 115-in. wrapping rings to accommodate a range of parts on 48-in.-by-48-in. and 60-in.-by-60-in. pallets, and on 50-in. wide pallet loads nearly 8 ft. tall. Maintaining a slim profile of 57 in. deep, the three sizes are offered on the semi-automated Wrapper Tornado Standard, automated Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls and fully automated Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm models. The 40-in. orbital wrapper machine for 24-in-by-24-in. pallets and the 50-in. model are still available as custom orders.

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