LVD offers technical events

LVD Co. introduces Insights 2020, a series of virtual and live technology events taking place September through December. Six virtual technology sessions covering topics on fiber laser cutting, new automation possibilities, adaptive bending and bending automation are scheduled for September through December. LVD’s live technology days at the Experience (XP) Center in Belgium will provide 1.5 days of learning… Continued

Omax TV is online

Omax Corp. announced Omax TV is now live. Omax TV offers a way to access all of the company’s’ video content that demonstrates abrasive waterjet technology, waterjet applications and materials capabilities in one spot. The site currently hosts more than 50 videos that show old and new types of waterjet machines. The format will also… Continued

Cincinnati Inc. partners with Multiax America

Cincinnati Inc. (CI) partnered with Multiax America, a custom designer of CNC machining centers. The partnership will allow each company to offer needed products in the additive manufacturing space. Multiax America now offers CI’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine, and CI in turn now offers the Multiax line of 5-axis routers. The result is… Continued

Rex-Cut adds 6-in. wheels

Rex-Cut Abrasives added 6-in-dia. abrasive wheels to its Type 27 lines. “With 6-in.-dia. grinders being more common in metalworking, we are now manufacturing these new sizes to make sure our customers have the abrasives they need for all tooling options,” stated Jon Blake, R&D manager. The depressed center wheels can offer considerable performance and productivity… Continued

Lantek punching solutions used in cell

Lantek software is being used to control Euromac’s Sorting Cell automation system programmed with Kuka KR 10 robots. The cell uses Lantek’s Expert Punch-Plus and Stackmaster to automate the unloading line for parts and their subsequent palletization and storage. Full control of the punching and palletizing process makes it possible to automate the production cycle for large… Continued

Kemper relaunches ventilation system

Kemper relaunched its CleanAir Tower ventilation system, optimizing the filter tower in terms of extraction capacity, plant safety, service life and design to protect employees in welding and cutting processes. The head of the filter tower has been redesigned. Extraction openings are no longer located circumferentially on the side, but in the cover of the… Continued

Welding clamps from Industrial Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics Inc. introduced Magnetic V-Pad clamps for fast, low-profile and versatile weld holding. The clamps’ dual, pivoting magnetic heads can position and hold angles up to 180 degrees. Each V-pad contains four magnets, giving the welder several options for holding configurations. Quick to set up and good for repetitive applications, the clamps are easy to position… Continued

Lincoln Electric releases pipe software updates

The Lincoln Electric Co. released software updates and a CE model for its PipeFab Welding System. The update introduces new process control options. Users can now set restrictions to weld process parameters such as WFS, amps, volts and start/end weld settings. The CE model provides the necessary certification for European and Australian markets. With the… Continued

AWS launches welding curriculum

The American Welding Society (AWS) developed a comprehensive welding curriculum for high schools, technical colleges and career training institutions. The AWS Fundamentals of Welding covers health and safety, welding symbols and joint design, arc welding, thermal cutting and welding inspection. It aligns with the governing standards of the SENSE program and was created and reviewed… Continued

Bradbury offers leveler adjustment

The FlatTrak CL strip evaluation system from The Bradbury Group utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze strip condition and provide suggested adjustments to a leveler to process flat material. The system continuously scans the strip surface for shape defects. The included video monitor depicts actual shape conditions and the operator can adjust the leveler and see in real time how the changes affect material… Continued

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