January 6, 2021 · in New Products
OnRobot launches easy-to-use gripper

OnRobot’s 2FG7 parallel gripper is for low-volume, high-mix production and enables fast ROI for many applications, including machine tending, material handling and assembly. With a maximum payload of 24.3 lbs., an external grip range of up to 2.91 in. and a gripping force of between 20 N and 140 N, the versatile 2FG7 can handle heavy, bulky payloads with ease. The gripper’s dimensions – 6.14 in. by 6.22 in. by 7.08 in. – make it good for use in small work envelopes. The gripper can provide a finger position resolution of 0.004 in. and a gripping time of 200 mm per sec.


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