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New Products – February 2016

Saw Flux For Chrome-Molly Steel

Hobart Brothers Co. formulated its 160 submerged arc welding (SAW) flux to improve weld quality on chromemoly, creep-resistant steels. This neutral, agglomerated, fluoride-basic flux provides a low-residual-content weld deposit to help reduce the risk of temper embrittlement in high-temperature applications, making it suitable for power generation, petrochemical refinery and pressure vessel applications. It is also usable in step-cooling applications and for SAW for a variety of HSLA steels. The flux produces an easily detached slag to minimize post-weld cleaning.

Hobart Filler Metals

Hardsurfacing Electrode For High Temperatures

Select-Arc Inc.’s SelectWear 60HC chromium carbide alloy electrode can be utilized in hardsurfacing applications up to 1,100o F. The metal-to-earth wear welding wire deposits an alloy composed of a high density of primary chromium carbides in an iron matrix. It offers a deposit with high abrasion and moderate impact resistance that relieves itself by cross cracking. The wire is available in six diameters from 0.045 in. to 1/8 in.

Select-Arc Inc. Welding

Packaging Available For Saw Flux

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers Flux Pack packaging for its OK line of submerged arc welding (SAW) flux. The new packaging uses heavy-duty low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material to protect dry agglomerated welding flux against moisture re-absorption from the atmosphere. The packaging has an extended shelf life, ensuring fresh and dry flux that is ready for high production SAW applications. The company also changed the net weight of its flux packaging from 55 lbs. to 50 lbs. to better meet EHS and ergonomic requirements.


Tube And Pipe Weld Monitoring

Xiris Automation Inc.’s new Tube and Pipe Weld Monitoring System allows remote monitoring of live TIG, plasma or laser welding processes. The system includes a high dynamic range camera that is able to simultaneously see all features of the torch tip and weld arc, its surrounding environment and its position relative to the tube/pipe weld seam. The system comes with an optics kit that allows for visibility into a small area. Operators can clearly see if defects such as dross or porosity develop as the weld pool solidifies.

New Welding Equipment With Fewer Cables

The Lincoln Electric Co. launches new CrossLinc Technology-enabled welding equipment. The technology provides more welding control with fewer cables for large, multi-operator job sites and plant-based operations. The Flextec 350X welder and LN-25X wire feeder use a proprietary communications protocol to transfer operator voltage adjustments at the feeder to the power source hundreds of feet away using a common, copper weld cable. No additional control cable is required.


New Series Of Dust Collectors

Clarcor Industrial Air introduces the UAS Modular Industrial Baghouse (MIB) series of dust collector products. The series was engineered as a modular filtration system enabling customization to address specific dust collection needs. Clarcor engineers work with customers to ensure the collector is engineered to achieve the operational requirements of the customers’ processes. The product can be expanded in three dimensions for increasing filtration needs. It also features filter technologies such as BHA PulsePleat pleated filter elements and BHA Preveil ePTFE membrane technology.


Smaller Version Of Welder/Generator

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Big Blue 350 PipePro SF engine driven welder/generator is a smaller, more portable version of the Big Blue 800 Duo Pro SF. It features FieldPro Smart Feeder compatibility for field welding applications. The multiprocess system can run conventional stick, DC TIG, FCAW and MIG welding and advanced regulated metal deposition (RMD) and pulsed MIG processes with the addition of the FieldPro Smart Feeder. These processes help to reduce weld failures and can eliminate backing gas on some stainless and chrome-moly pipe welding applications.


New Nylon Abrasive Brushes

Norton Saint-Gobain added a line of nylon abrasive brushes to its Blaze line. The brushes feature a self-sharpening ceramic alumina abrasive with extreme point endurance and improved micro-fracturing properties. As the grain is exposed, the cutting points are increased and cut equally when pressure is applied to the side or the tip of the filament. The brushes have ceramic grain-infused filaments that are heat and stress resistant. A number of configurations in sizes ranging from 1/4-in. to 14-in. brush diameters are available.

Norton Saint-Gobain_Brush

All-Position Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire

Stoody, an ESAB brand, offers a new Stoody 625-T1C gas shielded flux-cored joining wire. The wire is for all-position welding of alloy 625 and dissimilar metals using 100 percent CO2 shielding gas. The wire composition results in an all-weld deposit with iron content below 1 percent for applications requiring enhanced corrosion resistance. It is available in 0.045 in. diameter on 33-lb. wire. Typical applications include joining nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys and welding clad sides of joints in steels clad with NiCrMo metal.


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