February 21, 2024 · in New Products
New Piab EOAT for Fanuc CRX cobots

Piab’s piCobot and piCobot L end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) solutions are now available for the Fanuc CRX cobot line. The Fanuc CRX configuration is a full package including a software plug-in, mechanical interface, specified cabling and compressed-air hosing, which supports safe and easy-to-use cobot interaction for the end customer. The setup is accompanied by Piab’s range of suction cups and accessories, ensuring tailor-made applications for any context. The piCobot (15.4-lb. lift capacity) and piCobot L (135-lb. lift capacity) packages are fully tested, approved and certified by Fanuc as CRX devices and will be sold as such.

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