April 24, 2023 · in New Products
Murata unveils four-tote carriage AS/RS

Murata Machinery USA Inc.’s latest addition is the new Ledger A3 mini-load, a high-density, four-tote carriage automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). The system has high-speed, simultaneous carriage loading and unloading of four totes for storing, picking and sorting small, lightweight goods. Designed for high-throughput distribution applications, the solution moves up to 400 totes per hour. Traveling at 984 ft./min and lifting 360 ft./ min. with a size capacity of 13.4 in. (W), 18.9 in. (D) and 11 in. (H) maximum, stacker cranes transfer totes individually or four simultaneously, speeding in/out retrieval and overall throughput.

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