December 13, 2023 · in New Products
ESAB battery-powered welder now available

The ESAB Renegade Volt ES 200i stick/TIG battery-powered welding system, developed in conjunction with Stanley Black & Decker, is now available. Powered by four Dewalt FlexVolt 12-Ah (amp-hour) batteries, the welder offers stick output of 10 A to 130 A and TIG output of 10 A to 150 A on battery power. With fully charged 12-Ah batteries and set to an output of 80 A, the welder provides the power to weld with up to 33 (E6013) electrodes or TIG weld for up to 45 min. on a single charge in standard operating conditions. It also connects to 120 V/230 V primary power and provides a maximum welding output of 200 A when connected to 230 V.

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