October 19, 2022 · in New Products
EMH crane kits help installation

Engineered Material Handling (EMH) G-Series crane kits include the components needed to install ZLW double-girder top-running cranes, ELV single-girder top-running cranes, DLV single-girder cranes and EDL single-girder (low-headroom) cranes under running cranes. The kits feature the new EG-Series hoist with 20 ft. of lift and a lifting speed of 16/2.6 ft./min. with trolley speeds at 65 ft./min. VFD (optional lifts and speeds available); end trucks with a travel speed of 120 ft./min. VFD complete with mounting plates, bolts and bumpers; and trolley tow arms with pipe clamps to be cut by the builder, bolted or welded to the trolley.

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