New Year, New Demands

A bandsaw provider focuses on versatility, efficiency and precision to meet industry needs in 2024


As the demands in industrial settings evolve rapidly, more and more is expected of machines used in metal fabrication, including the bandsaw. Industries like aerospace, automotive and heavy machinery where precision, efficiency and durability are non-negotiable “must haves,” it becomes a strategic imperative to implement high-quality saws.

“The heavy machinery, automotive and aerospace industries are witnessing a shift toward precision and speed,” says Cherie DeBrule, marketing manager for DoAll Sawing Products. “This emphasizes the demand for bandsaws that transcend the ordinary by offering advanced features like automation, variable vise pressure and dynamic braking, ensuring adaptability to evolving industry requirements.”

Dan Nitzsche, Midwest regional sales manager for DoAll Sawing Products, says his company, which has provided bandsaws and bandsaw blades for nearly a century, goes the extra mile to provide the assistance customers need in getting the best cutting machines and up-to-date technology required to maintain a competitive edge.

“It’s our goal to improve cutting methods by creating top-of-the-line metal cutting technologies that act as solutions for manufacturers, engineers and designers of all industries,” Nitzsche says. “We’re proud of our history and look forward to innovating in 2024 and beyond.”

Featuring a dual-swivel head and variable vise pressure control, the DS-500SA bandsaw from DoAll Sawing Products offers precision that metal fabrication shops rely on for quality cuts.

Delivering Versatility

Some saws are built to do only one thing well, and that’s perfectly fine for manufacturers with basic needs. But for end users like those in aerospace that require versatility, these saws just won’t suffice. Instead, DeBrule says the DoAll 2013-V2 vertical bandsaw, “excels in scenarios requiring intricate cuts on a variety of materials,” such as custom fabrication for aerospace components.

“The table tilt feature enhances efficiency by allowing precise angle adjustments,” DeBrule says of the bandsaw. “It facilitates complex cuts without the need for constant manual repositioning.”

Patrick Schmidt, eastern regional sales manager at DoAll Sawing Products, says the 2013-V2 vertical bandsaw, with its 2-hp band motor coupled with a variable-frequency drive (VFD), provides around 20 percent more torque at the saw blade tooth tip for better cutting performance. The VFD has a dynamic brake to quickly stop the bandsaw without causing damage to the transmission gears. This also serves as a safety feature, stopping the bandsaw quickly and protecting the operator. And the tilt feature is perfect for making cuts that prepare the piece for work further down the production line.

“Angles cut on the edge of materials are very common when cutting for weld preps,” he says. “With achievable speeds of 50 to 5,000 ft./min. coupled with a wide blade selection, the vertical bandsaw can cut any material from the toughest metal to the thinnest rubber.”

When versatility tops the list of “must-haves,” the 2013-V2 vertical contour bandsaw has the features required to handle numerous types of cut lists but with a small, upright footprint.

Utmost in Precision

Just because structural materials can be large and bulky doesn’t mean precise cuts aren’t required. With dual-column bandsaws, precision is more achievable, but there are also other features in saws that aid in achieving the highest quality cuts, including vibration dampening and coolant/lubrication systems.

Schmidt says the DCDS-750CNC-A dual-column, dual-swivel bandsaw, “is the perfect solution for fabricators cutting and assembling structural materials.” The machine can be programmed to cut any angle up to 60 degrees in either direction and can run continuously with no loss of material.

“Its 78-in. single index stroke is second-to-none in the industry,” he says. “We have also solved the problem of loss of flood coolant when cutting structural materials by including a mist coolant system, which dissipates during the cutting process. With an indexing length guarantee of ±0.020 in. and angle accuracy of 0.5 degrees, the machine has found its way into customers’ hearts.”

One of DoAll’s newer additions to its dual-column family is the DC-540CNC-A bandsaw. DeBrule says it’s built for high-production environments where it “excels with features like variable vise pressure control, ensuring unwavering accuracy throughout the cutting process.”

Schmidt adds that many changes have been made to the bandsaw, including supporting bearings on each side of the wheel shafts to reduce wear from blade tensioning. Furthermore, it has additional anti-vibration pads to eliminate harmonic vibrations, which greatly reduce blade life.

Yet another precision machine from DoAll is the DS-500SA bandsaw, which is designed to fit multiple needs for many different customers.

“Its 13-in.-by-19.5-in. capacity at 90 degrees makes it a good fit for fabricators and maintenance shops,” Schmidt says. “The ability to swing the head to 60 degrees in both directions allows the customer to make opposing angle cuts without picking up and moving the material.”

The DS-500SA also boasts a mist coolant system, offering the customer options in how to lubricate the blade while cutting. The Mitsubishi touchscreen displays speed, head height and head angle at all times. Schmidt says blade speeds are controlled by a VFD coupled with a 1.25-in. saw blade and a 4-hp band motor, so the machine “can handle almost any job it is challenged with.”

Watch the video to see how the DC-540CNC-A bandsaw meets demanding expectations.

Efficiency Features

The vast majority of materials run through bandsaws is carbon steel-based, but for manufacturers working in more exotic materials, such as titanium and Inconels, a more efficient saw is required. DoAll’s DC-330NC bandsaw utilizes a 5-hp band motor, which is the key to meeting output demands, providing ample power for efficient cutting across various materials. Other efficiency features include rapid indexing, blade guides and a hydraulic vise for streamlining the cutting process.

“The user-friendly touchscreen controls and fully automated features contribute significantly to efficiency,” DeBrule says, “allowing operators to navigate settings effortlessly and optimize production workflows.”

Schmidt adds that the automatic saw’s 5-hp motor coupled with a high-efficiency worm gear box transmission provides full torque to the tooth tips of the blade when cutting.

“With today’s tough aerospace materials,” Schmidt says, “the user always needs to pull a chip, which can sometimes be challenging for lower horsepower machines. This coupled with a hydraulic indexer with guaranteed accuracy of ±0.010 in. per index minimizes scrap materials, which are very expensive.”

Check out the video for an overview of the DC-330NC bandsaw – a machine that drives efficiency with enhanced indexing, blade guides and more.

The bandsaw is also standard-equipped with nesting fixtures for cutting multiple pieces at a time and variable vice pressure that allows for maximum clamping pressure when cutting thin-walled pieces without distorting them.

“These features put this model at the top of the line for production facilities,” Schmidt says.

DoALL Sawing Products

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