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Logopress launches die designing software

Logopress introduced ProgSim software that enables progressive die designers working in SolidWorks to efficiently simulate, modify and validate their strip layouts. The software allows them to gain deep insight into the forming process and take corrective measures on the computer screen to prevent prototyping and reduce time spent in the tryout press. It is customized… Continued

Battery-operated carbide applicator from Rocklin Mfg.

With the Rocklinizer micro battery-operated carbide applicator from Rocklin Mfg. Co., the spark deposition process applies extremely hard and wear resistant coatings ranging from 60 to 80 HRC onto metals, tools and dies. The lithium-ion battery delivers about 3 hours of use in one charge and can be rapidly recharged. Alternatively, the 10-lb. unit can also… Continued

Miller introduces induction heating systems

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC released ArcReach induction heating systems for jobsite weld preheating and bakeout in construction and pipe applications with temperature maximums of 600 degrees F and 315 degrees C. Welding operators can perform the preheating and bakeout with easy-to-use equipment and tools and don’t have to rely on third-party contractors, providing complete control of the… Continued

Compact plate cutting machine from Voortman

Voortman’s new V303 compact plate cutting machine takes the next step in automating bevel cutting. Features such as the VACAM dashboard, job scheduler, buffer overview and 24-in. touch panel provide feedback to interact with the machine and the environment. Using the new buffer management, the machine can cut plate after plate without the intervention of an… Continued

Rack Engineering’s press brake tool storage

Rack Engineering Division launched a storage system for storing and organizing press brake tools. In addition to organizing tools, the storage system can also increase storage capacity up to 40 percent. It provides ergonomic access and is for heavy-duty applications with fully extendable glide-out shelves that can hold up to 4,000 lbs. per shelf. Each unit… Continued

Robotic software update from Hypertherm

Hypertherm released Robotmaster version 7.4 offline robot programming software. Major enhancements to remote tool center point (RTCP) exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell. Additions to the surface paths include added strategies and advanced tools for applications such as polishing, grinding and deburring. The surface paths are designed to tie-in with the enhancements to… Continued

Abicor Binzel releases push-pull welding gun

Abicor Binzel launched the FreedomDrive push-pull system that utilizes an assist drive is powered directly from select push-pull ready power sources, or by a separate ABICOR BINZEL power control box. In either case, the assist motor feeds slightly faster than the main wire feeder, which places tension on the weld wire through the rear cable… Continued

ABB’s robot braking distance simulator

ABB Robotics‘ RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function that creates an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot, overcoming the need to add safety margins into cell designs. The new function predicts the robot’s movements with millimetric precision. This allows the exact… Continued

Invera offers MRP solution for metal service centers

Invera released Invex-MRP, a web-based MRP solution for the metal service center industry. The system uses forecasting algorithms that are fully integrated with real-time data from Stratix ERP to provide a single source for data-driven planning and purchasing decisions. With the system, supply chain and procurement staff can quickly see what products need to be replenished within a time… Continued

New laser welding head from Cailabs

France-based Cailabs’ Canunda-HP laser welding head is for submillimeter ring beam shaping at powers up to 16 kW. The company’s MPL1C1 technology is relevant for laser welding because it can achieve high-quality ring beam shaping that achieves a weld without projections. It can also maintain high power to weld very thick or complex materials, such… Continued

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