Machine of the month – Trumpf’s TruLaser 1030 Fiber Laser

Machine of the month – Trumpf’s TruLaser 1030 Fiber Laser


Trumpf’s TruLaser 1030 Fiber Laser


The TruLaser 1030 laser cutter from Trumpf is economical and long-lasting machine that delivers high results to fabricators and manufacturers. The 1030 features a TruDisk solid-state laser, which boasts a robust design. Thanks to its numerous intelligent functions, the 1030 is easy to learn and operate as well as automate or to connect to other machines.

The TruLaser 1030 can handle sheet thicknesses between 1 and 25 mm and can process aluminum, brass, copper and laminated stainless steel in a fast and reliable manner. It is particularly productive at processing thin sheets of stainless steel and mild steel in a fusion cutting process.

Users can choose between different variants depending on the applications for which it will used and the space available. The machine can measure up to 6 m in length and can feature up to 6 kW of laser power where all lengths and power levels can be combined in any way that best suits the user. 

TruLaser 1030 Advantages

  • As a reliable machine, users can rely on numerous functions, such as collision protection, which serves to safeguard the cutting head and the overall machine investment.
  • The multi-functional TruDisk enables users to cut all common types of sheet metal, including reflective metals, quickly and with high quality.
  • The touchscreen interface offers intuitive menu navigation to access Trumpf cutting data for all materials and sheet thicknesses.
  • Networking the machine is easy with the Central Link function, which delivers real-time information and increased transparency to users.
  • Features, such as PierceLine and BrightLine, make cutting incredibly productive as the former delivers on faster piercing and the latter delivers on high cutting results, such as smooth cutting edges that ease the process of part removal.
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