Machine of the Month – March / April 2016

Laser System L2000


The Marubeni Citizen Cincomlaser system L2000 is a 10-micron fiber optic system offering high-precision high-speed laser cutting. Incorporating the L2000 on a Cincom Swiss-style lathe provides the capability of combining conventional Swiss machining and laser cutting on a single machine platform, reducing part handling and ensuring improved part accuracies.

• The L2000 utilizes a 400-W laser unit from IPG Photonics, the world leader in fiber optic lasers. Additional power units are available that address specific application requirements.

• The L2000 is completely interfaced to the Cincom control with the cutting path and offsets fully controlled and edited in the control.

• The unit can mount on the B-axis tool position for laser cutting at various angles for components that require angular laser-cut features.

• The laser head assembly, which mounts on the gang tool slide of the machine, is liquid tight so that it can operate while highpressure coolant is flooding the work-piece during the machining process. Internal air pressure protects the lens and internal components.

• An integrated camera for optical viewing and alignment is included for X-Y beam alignment to the nozzle. The live camera is visible on the included touch monitor, greatly reducing setup time.

• As a modular system and not designed for a specific Cincom machine, a single system can be purchased and moved to other machines. It can also be retrofitted to some older model Cincom machines.

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