Machine of the Month – July/August 2016

Machine of the Month


UniQ Fiber Laser Marking Machine from Datalogic

The UniQ fiber laser marker is a compact machine that answers the call for shorter, smaller production runs. In addition to its small footprint, the UniQ’s IP54-rated housing guarantees maximum protection in harsh industrial settings. The equipment is totally free from fiber delivery constraints with regard to fiber length and bending radius; it doesn’t require a separate controller, computer or power supply. Integration into production lines is quick, simple and space saving.

The laser marker works with Datalogic’s Lighter Suite, a powerful, quick and intuitive marking software. It’s also fully compatible with the Datalogic I/O standard interface.

  • The all-in-one, fully integrated ultra-compact device is powered by a 15-W fiber laser source.
  • Extremely silent and efficient.
  • Well-suited for a variety of applications, including traceability on automotive and electronic parts and coding and branding on medical tools and precision mechanics components.
  • Delivers a high-resolution contrast with low thermal impact.
  • Marks are resistant to wear, corrosion, solvent, water and UV rays.
  • Offers built-in controller for Z-axis focus adjustment at layout level; an X, Y and rotary indexer; and on-the-fly marking or marking in motion.
  • Meets international safety standards with its TUV-certified double failsafe interlock circuit, double failsafe enabled circuit with monitor outputs and built-in mechanical shutter.
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