Machine of the Month Cincinnati Inc. MARCH Laser Automation System

Machine of the Month Cincinnati Inc. MARCH Laser Automation System


Designed and produced by Cincinnati Inc., the MARCH laser automation system gives customers the automation they need to keep up with ever-growing cutting speeds and the lights-out capabilities they need to stay competitive. It guarantees faster setup times and material handling expandability. width=

The acronym stands for Multi-Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling while also paying homage to the March family, the founders of the company. Users can expect increased productivity by increasing cutting times up to 20 hours a day, six or seven days a week. Customers have reported double and triple throughput after installing it on their shop floors.

The MARCH 300 tower offers up to 10 shelves of storage capacity at a height of 233 in., and a smaller version, the MARCH 100 offers one raw material pallet and one finished good pallet. Users of the MARCH 100 have reported increasing their laser cutting operations by an additional shift while also freeing up their operator for other value-added tasks.

MARCH laser automation system advantages

  • Flexible and customizable, the MARCH’s orientation and configuration can be based on user requirements. Four available heights include 12 ft., 15 ft., 17 ft. and 19 ft.
  • Expandable for added productivity, the system comes with 4, 6, 8 and 10 pallets, which are expandable to 7, 11, 15 and 19 pallets.
  • Delivering fast load/unload cycle times, the loader and unloader in the MARCH 300 move independently to let work get done in parallel. Change-outs happen in under 90 sec.
  • Standard components for the MARCH 300 include a tower that provides welcome storage, a lifter that automatically changes material pallets and product pallets as needed, and ball transfers to easily load material when wood pallets aren’t used.
  • The MARCH systems are designed, built and shipped in the United States.
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