Machine of the month – Bystronic’s ByStar 12-kW Fiber Laser Cutter

Bystronic’s ByStar 12-kW Fiber Laser Cutter


Bystronic’s ByStar 12-kW Fiber Laser Cutter

Bystronic introduces the new ByStar Fiber with 12 kW of fiber laser power for higher speeds and an expanded spectrum of applications. The ByStar Fiber features a newly designed cutting head that enables the BeamShaper option that provides exceptional cutting quality for steel up to a thickness of 1.125 in. The BeamShaper option also allows for an ideal adjustment of the laser beam profile to cut greater sheet thicknesses and variable sheet metal qualities. In materials up to 1.125 in. thick, the new function raises the quality of the cut surface and increases the cutting speed by up to 20 percent.


ByStar Advantages:

  • The machine’s patented triangle cutting bridge design delivers 40 percent higher acceleration while utilizing X/Y linear drives.
  • High performance and networked manufacturing are made possible with Bystronic’s BySoft 7 Plant Manager software as well as its manufacturing execution system software.
  • The ByVision Cutting interface provides important process and machine data, including current cutting plans, position of the cutting head and machine status.
  • Real-time data is obtained through the optional ByCockpit dashboard that monitors overall equipment effectiveness and provides managers with a tool to measure machine performance, manufacturing efficiency and availability.
  • For aluminum, nonferrous metals and steel, the high-performance cutting head delivers maximum precision in thin and thick sheets and profiles.
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