Machine of the Month- Bystronic’s 8-kW, 10-kW ByStar Fiber Laser

Bystronic’s 8-kW, 10-kW ByStar Fiber Laser: The Ultimate Differentiator


Bystronic’s 8-kW, 10-kW ByStar Fiber Laser: The Ultimate Differentiator

Revealed at Fabtech 2016, Bystronic’s new ByStar Fiber has been designed 100 percent for high-speed fiber laser cutting. As users have come to expect from fiber laser technology, the ByStar Fiber can address a range of materials and thicknesses, including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and nonferrous metals, such as copper and brass. The machine’s triangle cutting bridge design allows for unprecedented speeds and acceleration while maintaining a very high level of edge quality and accuracy across the full range of sheet metal thicknesses. The machine is available with 6-kW through 10-kW power sources.

Machine advantages:

  • Power Cut Fiber for cutting of plate materials up to 1.180 in. with consistently high cutting quality.
  • As is true with Bystronic’s other fiber laser machines, the ByStar features the lowest possible operating costs as well as low maintenance requirements.
  • High cutting dynamics, intelligent sensor technology, and seamless integration with automation solutions are all possible.
  • Increased machine versatility with access to the cutting area via the long side of the machine where the large sliding door is found gives users access to insert express jobs and residual sheets at any time.
  • The ByStar Fiber includes Bystronic’s powerful ByVision Cutting control interface with its 22-in. high-definition touch screen. Thanks to the technology, users can sort the job list, assign cutting parameters and define the automation mode.
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