Machine of the Month – Amada America Inc.’s Ventis Fiber Laser Machine

Amada America Inc.’s Ventis Fiber Laser Machine


Amada America Inc.’s Ventis Fiber Laser Machine

The Ventis 3015 AJ from Amada America Inc. made its North American debut at Fabtech 2019 in Chicago. The new 4-kW fiber laser features Amada’s award-winning Locus Beam Control (LBC) technology that was developed based on growing customer demand for higher cutting speeds and higher quality processing of stainless steel and aluminum. It delivers the high edge quality typically associated with CO2 processing.


LBC technology evolved from Amada’s original laser beam control technology and is the result of close analysis of optimum beam characteristics for cutting stainless steel and aluminum. LBC delivers an infinite number of locus patterns and is, therefore, ideal for an infinite number of processing applications.

Thanks to the new LBC technology, the Ventis 3015 AJ achieves optimal cutting requirements for stainless and aluminum while also meeting a broad range of customer needs for varying material types and thicknesses.

Ventis 3015 AJ Advantages

  • Amada’s LBC technology is equipped with three modes that specifically focus on productivity, quality and kerf control. The three modes create competitive operations by offering faster cutting speeds, superior edge quality and an elimination of dross.
  • With productivity mode, medium to thick stainless steel and aluminum cutting speeds can be twice as fast when compared to conventional machines. Processing costs can also be reduced by up to 75 percent.
  • With quality mode, surface roughness is reduced by approximately 50 percent and dross is minimized to less than 10 μm when compared to conventional machines.
  • With kerf control mode, long-term stable processing can be achieved during automated operations. By oscillating the beam, kerf width can be controlled to 2.5 times wider than other conventional models.
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