October 2014

Automating Fiber Lasers

A company with diverse automation systems and experience, in many types of machinery, outlines their approach to automatic loading and unloading of their fiber laser.

The State of Plasma with Evan Smith

Smith sees plasma systems being increasingly networked through the cloud in the future. In building those customer relationships, I think producers and partners will need to go beyond the equipment or system performance itself and increasingly look at the total value stream and product lifecycle for the customer, in order to gain an understanding of… Continued

Automation: Press Brakes’ Word of the Day

Automated setup capabilities are integral to making automated short-run production economical for fabricators. Of course, the goal is to eventually reach the point where short-run production is actually economical on a fully automated system.“What we really need is automatic tool changing,” he says. “The system has to not just be able to operate by itself,… Continued

Borrowing a Training Idea from Germany

Interest in the U.S. apprenticeship system is gaining as more skilled workers are needed to replace an aging workforce. Apprenticeship programs in the United States would do well to emulate some areas of Germany’s centuries-old system.