August 2014

The Future of Laser Technology

As a boy, I remember being fascinated when my father, a veteran editor of manufacturing trade journals, first told me that lasers could be used to cut things, including metal. My young mind instantly conjured up images of sci-fi laser guns and Star Wars lightsabers.But as I held the optic lenses he had brought home,… Continued

Waterjets Innovate to Increase Precision

Jet Edge’s laser scanner device helps to compensate for inaccuracies that might crop up in five-axis cutting. OMAXOMAX has three new products that have been introduced in the last year. The first is a micromachining waterjet called the MicroMAX, first unveiled late last year at MD&M in Chicago. OMAX’s new line of MAXIEM jet machining… Continued

Thinking Your Way Through ERP

ERP can boil days of work down to minutes. Getting from start to finish in implementing a system, however, requires asking a lot of questions from different sources. This ERP company has been through the process with many customers, and wants to help us put our arms around the entire issue.

Bending the Strong Stuff

If you’re facing a press-brake job with one of the new high-strength steels, one you haven’t worked before, brace yourself. It may look simple, but it can be full of surprises.