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Get a sneak peek of the products and services that will be showcased at the industry’s big show in Chicago


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Fabtech, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, heads to McCormick Place in Chicago Nov. 9 through Nov. 12. Known as the best place for learning about technology, equipment and knowledge in the welding industry, the event attracts more than 1,500 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees. Visitors can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve their welding productivity.


American WedlquipAmerican Weldquip introduces the ArcSafe QC solid-mount quick-change robotic torch system for use on robots with integrated collision software. Features include a heavy-walled gooseneck for strength and a cable assembly for fast changeout. Options include air blast, voltage and touch sensing, and replaceable nozzle seats. The 550 Series water-cooled version of the ArcSafe Advantage “Hollow Wrist” robotic torch system is also available. The system’s rotary electrical joint provides for ±360° of rotation with no electrical cable twisting or torsional strain.

American Weldquip

Booth No. N22097



Hobart Stick Electrode Wire Hobart Brothers Co. presents its latest filler metals for improved quality and productivity. The company plans to demonstrate flux-cored wires, metal-cored wires and aluminum products on equipment from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Hobart will also have welding specialists available to answer filler metal and process-related questions.

Hobart Brothers Co.

Booth No. N14032


Fronius TPSi_RoboticsFronius USA LLC’s TPS/i Robotics power source for robot-assisted welding offers high welding speed, system availability and reproducibility. The modified dip transfer arc and modified pulsed arc provide a high level of control over the arc. The penetration stabilizer ensures penetration remains constant even if stick-out fluctuations occur by adjusting the dynamic wire feeder. The arc length stabilizer keeps the arc at an optimum length when the arc geometry or weld pool temperature changes.

Fronius USA LLC
Booth No. N18020



Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN CA3 MIG GunTregaskiss offers Tough Gun CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG guns with a replaceable unicable for extended service life. This gun is a replacement for the Tough Gun G1 Series MIG gun. It features a neck clamp that resists damage due to accidental over torque and is for high-volume production environments. The Tough Gun TA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun, a direct replacement for the Tough Gun ThruArm G1 Series MIG guns, is also available.


Booth No. N14037



Esab Warrior400iESAB Welding & Cutting Products’ Warrior 400i MV CC/CV welding machine can accept three-phase primary power ranging from 220 V to 460 V±10 percent, 50 or 60 Hz. The machine weighs 133 lbs., provides up to 400 amps at 60 percent duty cycle and has total output range of 5 to 400 amps. It welds 0.030-in. to 5/64-in. cored wire and solid wire. The Warrior Feed 404 HD heavy-duty benchtop wire feeder and Aristo Feed 4004i HD heavy-duty feeder are also available.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

Booth No. N6074


Coldwater SpinMELD systemColdwater Machine Co.’s SpinMeld friction spin welding system can join steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, carbon fiber composites, ceramics with mixed metal connections and dissimilar combinations of these materials. The machines can be integrated into a workcell or automated processing line. Rotational speeds from 2,000 to 23,000 rpm and forging forces from 335 to 12,000 lbs.-force are available. The systems can be designed with a maximum weld area of 0.992 in2.

Coldwater Machine Co.

Booth No. S2158



Miller Continuum500 SystemMiller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Continuum advanced MIG welding systems allow welders of all skill levels to create quality welds on thick or thin materials. Continuum 350 and 500 systems improve productivity through weld quality, ease of use and system flexibility. The addition of welding information management collects and reports weld data to improve productivity and manage costs. Other products include the Big Blue 800 Duo Pro SF welder/generator with FieldPro Smart Feeder and Dynasty 210 TIG stick welding system.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Booth No. N11037


Ergotech EC 1500Ergotech Inc.’s Ergo Chief motorized three-axis positioner for welding, assembly and other industrial applications provides 360° bidirectional rotational flexibility. The positioner is for any part of any size or shape and the tilt angle can be adjusted up to 90°. The Ergo Control positioner is available in six standard load classes capable of manipulating up to 13,200-lb. loads. The Ergo Force positioner accommodates up to 600-lb. loads. Its L-shaped rotational arm is for easy access and upside-down positioning.

Ergotech Inc.

Booth No. S2233


PFERD_CeramicGrindingWheelPferd Inc.’s CO 24 Q grinding wheels, produced with advanced ceramic abrasive grain, are for demanding applications. The wheels deliver high stock removal rates, long service life and cool cutting action. The self-sharpening action of the ceramic grain delivers fast stock removal with minimal contact pressure. The wheels are for use on steel and stainless steel. Other products from Pferd include Edge cut bearing burs for edge profiling, Polinox 5″ non-woven finishing drums and electric fillet weld grinder.

Pferd Inc.

Booth No. N8025


Linemaster RF Varior and Receiver copyLinemaster Switch Corp.’s Varior RF wireless foot control is a plug-and-go system compatible with brand-name welding equipment and anywhere variable control of a motor is required. The ergonomic foot control is made from polymeric plastic and utilizes hall sensor technology for a smooth and precise output. The foot pedal (transmitter) operates on three AA batteries and offers 4,000 hours of battery life. The control has a range of 90 ft.

Linemaster Switch Corp.

Booth No. N28071


ElCo Power BallELCo Enterprises Inc. offers Wire Wizard PowerBall torch tips and diffusers that have a copper-to-copper-to-copper assembly for maximum conductivity. E-Power torch liners feature low wire skid friction by using an elliptical wire liner. The Torch Wizard AP nozzle cleaning station features all-pneumatic operation and adjustable nozzle guides. Three nozzle inlets are available to accommodate a variety of torch sizes.

ELCo Enterprises Inc.

Booth No. N26018



Bernard BTB MIG GunsBernard’s BTB MIG guns allow users to select amperage, handle, neck and power cable through an online configurator to build a MIG gun. Users can choose features from the former Bernard Q-Gun, S-Gun and T-Gun MIG gun lines. Choices include fixed or rotatable neck with straight and curved handles; Centerfire, ToughLock or Quik Tip Consumables on any front-handle style; and Universal Conventional or Quickload liners. Bernard’s Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun designed to reduce fume and smoke is also available.


Booth No. N14037


Flange Wizard 42050T_ALLFlange Wizard Inc. offers a variety of journeyman tools to support the pipe and structural steel industries. The Two-Hole Pins (set of two) are for flanges with holes from 5/16 in. all the way up to 3 in. in diameter. The pins self-align in two holes to allow horizontally level flange. The Pocket Pro level is made of anodized aluminum, and strong magnets hold it firmly to any steel surface. The Wizard Pipe Wraps tape measure is offered from 1.5 in. to 48 in. and is used to mark pipe.

Flange Wizard Inc.

Booth No. N9030


Movex PR ATEX arm copyMovex Inc. presents the PR fume extractor for weld exhaust removal. Because the PR uses only exterior support mechanisms, the air flow path is unrestricted, promoting a low pressure drop for less energy consumption and less frequent cleaning needs. The product is fitted as standard with a manual damper, protective grill and positioning handle. It can also be equipped with an optional LED work light and switch to control the associated fan and auto-damper. The product is available in several diameters, lengths and hose compositions.

Movex Inc.

Booth No. C1616


Nelson Stud Welding’s newest member of the NCD+ Capacitor Discharge Welder family features the Split Second fastening method. The patent-pending product allows for welding insulation pins easier and faster. The product reportedly offers unparalleled portability and flexibility due to the technology integrated into the welding system. It features a compact, user-friendly power supply.

Nelson Stud Welding

Booth No. N22013


Aquasol EZ WipesAquasol Corp. offers EZ multi-purpose industrial cleaning wipes in a single-pack format. The wipes fit well in tool boxes and pockets. They contain no acetone or other harmful solvents and are lint-free and shred resistant, leaving no residue behind after cleaning. Commonly used to prepare pipe surfaces for pure welds, the wipes can also be used for cleaning higher grade equipment, such as aircraft components, and everyday applications, such as degreasing automotive parts.

Aquasol Corp.

Booth No. N14074


Praxair AL gasPraxair Inc.’s Stargon AL shielding gas helps reduce the cleaning zone and eliminate post-weld processing when welding aluminum. The gas is designed to improve the aluminum welding process by providing better arc control, fluidity and weld puddle placement. Stargon AL improves bead appearance and results in better wetting and weld penetration.

Praxair Inc.
Booth No. N14049



TIP TIG Portable Suitcase Feeder SystemsTip Tig USA LLC presents portable 8-in.-spool and 12-in.-spool wire feed systems. High impact but lightweight, the wire feed systems are easy to maneuver in tight spaces and can be used on stainless steel, nickel and aluminum alloy. The wire feeders offer high deposition rates for TIG processes, no slag, no interpass cleaning, low heat input resulting in low HAZ and significantly reduced distortion, and increased corrosion property retention on all corrosion-resistant alloys.


Booth No. N28049


Ficep Excalibur 12Ficep Corp. introduces a dual gantry system that incorporates CNC drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, counter boring, scribing and cutting. The system incorporates oxy-fuel and plasma for weld prep and shape cutting. The CNC structural drilling lines feature subaxis positioning for drilling and also for milling of copes, rat holes, weld prep and larger cutouts as required. Automatic toolchangers interfaced with direct-drive spindle technology to maximize the horsepower at the tool with speeds up to 5,000 rpm are included.

Ficep Corp.

Booth No. S3942


Nordfab_in-line spark trapNordfab Ducting LLC added an in-line spark trap to its Quick-Fit ducting product line. When installed in a dust collection system, the spark trap helps reduce the possibility of fire in cyclones/collectors. The trap can be mounted easily into Quick-Fit ducting systems or other duct systems with use of a Nordfab adapter and can easily be removed for cleanout. No calibration or other assistance from a factory technician is required. The trap has no moving parts and pressure loss is minimal.

Nordfab Ducting LLC

Booth No. N19087


Realityworks kitRealityworks Inc.’s RealCareer Welding Solutions Weld Defects Kit is for welding educators and trainers. The portable, lightweight kit contains 13 plastic, true-to-life models of common welding defects. Educators can use the kit to instruct welding students on how to identify and correct common defects and discontinuities. The kit includes an instructor guide, welding posters, welding defect flashcards and comprehensive curriculum with training lessons covering major aspects of welding.

Realityworks Inc.

Booth No. C1519


Yaskawa AWIV-6200SLYaskawa Motoman’s redesigned ArcWorld IV-6200SL “slim line” features dual MA1440 arc welding robots with DX200 controller, high-speed Ferris wheel positioner, integrated welding package and operator interface. The width of the slim line positioner/workcell is only 1 m wider than the fixture span. The positioner is available in standard lengths of 2 m and 3 m between mounting surfaces, which can be extended. They provide a turning diameter of 1.3 m to accommodate large parts and tooling.

Yaskawa Motoman

Booth No. N8020


Bug-O Go-ferIV_WldgThe Fourth Generation Go-fer IV from Bug-O Systems combines built-in features for welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting all in one housing. The built-in dual contactors, gas manifold and cable anchor are all included as standard. Other features include a low-profile case, digital display for travel speed (ipm), large industrial rocker switches and a top central handle.

Bug-O Systems

Booth No. N8013

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