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Shop Floor Lasers revisits its time at Fabtech 2022 in Atlanta


Cincinnati Inc.

At the Cincinnati Inc. (CI) booth, attendees learned about the Encompass software suite. The suite allows users to import geometry and identify the correct flat blank from 3-D models. They can nest laser parts with software automation and create optimized machine code so their CI laser (and most other lasers) operate at top performance. The suite takes the stress out of scheduling by automatically scheduling multiple jobs across multiple shifts and multiple lasers. Users can receive real-time and historical insight into the productivity of all CI machines anywhere from any device with CIberDash.


At Fabtech 2022, AMADA AMERICA INC. focused on innovation, automation and shop floor control. Among several pieces of fabricating equipment, AMADA highlighted its latest fiber laser cutting equipment. The 12-kW REGIUS 3015 AJ + AMS 3015 LL system is engineered with high-speed linear drive technology and autonomous features. Intelligent features and functions are integrated to enable continual self-monitoring. As a result, the laser cutting system automatically adjusts machine and process parameters according to the needs of the current cutting operation. Pairing the system with the AMS 3015 LL (linear loading) automation further enhances productivity while maximizing floor space. The 6-kW VENTIS 3015 AJ e features Locus Beam Control to achieve infinite locus patterns. This ensures optimum beam shape control for each specific cutting application while delivering high-speed, high-quality cutting. And, a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator maintains the optimal quality of the high-energy-density beam, resulting in virtually dross-free cutting of a variety of materials and thicknesses.


TRUMPF Inc. unveiled the upgraded TruLaser 5000 series laser cutting machine outfitted with a laser providing twice the power that was formerly standard. With an output of 24 kW, the new laser – a TruDisk 24001 – can process sheet metal parts up to three times more quickly. Depending on the material and the application, it can handle up to 80 percent more sheets per hour. In addition, the machine can cut mild steel with a thickness of up to 3/4 in. using nitrogen as the cutting gas. The result is barely any need for reworking. At the same time, the increased laser power improves the quality of cut parts, especially for medium and high sheet thicknesses.

Bystronic Inc.

Bystronic Inc. showcased its ByStar Fiber 3015 with 20 kW, which offers high throughput at a low cost per part. Another highlight was the 12-kW BySmart Fiber, with optional Parameter Wizard and BeamShaper, which delivers high parts output across thin to medium sheet metal thicknesses. Lastly, the ByTube Star 130 with 2-kW, 3-kW and new 4-kW fiber power delivers tube laser processing for a variety of material types in a fully automated workflow. The automated fiber laser cutting system reduces the need for manual interventions, making entry into the field of tube processing easy. The laser cutter is for processing tube profiles with dimensions between 3/8 in. and 5 in. and workpiece lengths up to 28 ft. and a loading capacity of 11 lbs./ft. Tube profiles include round, square, rectangular, oval, and standard closed and open sections.

Mazak Optonics Corp.

Mazak Optonics Corp. offered live demos on its newly released Optiplex3015 NEO, which features 15-kW beam shape/diameter control, an advanced torch head and a new series of nozzles. The 2-D laser machine is equipped with large front and side access doors plus a larger, adaptable CNC control for increased accessibility and ease of operation. The machine automatically adjusts beam diameter to optimally cut various materials, and beam shape to control beam concentration and power density. Minimized work area restrictions ease the loading of material onto the machine and the unloading of finished parts.

BLM Group

BLM Group unveiled the latest addition to its lineup. The LS7 sheet laser cutting machine is an entry-level product with laser power up to 12 kW. The machine can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum in thicknesses from 0.20 in. to 1.57 in., or even double sheets, depending on the material and selected laser power. The conventional aluminum mobile gantry structure is actuated by a rack-and-pinion system, which slides on a steel base filled with a special polymer to ensure high rigidity even with accelerations up to 2G. The pallet change can be accomplished in 9 sec., taking place on the long side of the machine. Handling is fully electric, without pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

MC Machinery Systems Inc.

MC Machinery Systems Inc. displayed the GX-F Advanced artificial intelligence-enabled 12-kW and 10-kW fiber lasers with the newest laser automation systems. The 12-kW version was connected to the SmartFlex Element Type R automation system, while the 10-kW version was connected to the new ASTES4 Skyway high-speed laser sorting system. Intuitive artificial intelligence technology makes the laser series easy to use for operators of all skill levels. By integrating the most advanced gas reduction technology, the new series delivers more power while using up to 77 percent less nitrogen than previous machines.

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