About Wintriss Controls Group
Wintriss Controls Group is a leading manufacturer of automation and safety product for the metal stamping and forming industry, and is well-known for its SmartPAC PRO press automation controller. The company’s product range includes automation and clutch/ brake controllers, custom consoles, safety light curtains, die protection systems, load analyzers, in-die quality control systems, and ShopFloorConnect® production reporting and OEE tracking software. Wintriss products are known for their proven performance and rugged dependability in the toughest factory environments. Wintriss equipment is backed by attentive service, timely repairs, and comprehensive spares inventories.
Founded: 1957
Headquarters: Acton, Massachusetts U.S.A.
Contact person: Jim Finnerty
Contact number: (800) 586-8324
SmartPAC PRO Press Automation Controller
The SmartPAC PRO features a large, easy-to-use vivid touch screen interface, dual-core processors, user-configurable dashboards, virtually unlimited tool setup storage, the ability to share setups among networked SmartPAC PRO units, and more.
ProCamPAC PRO Programmable Limit Switch
ProCamPAC PRO Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) for the Wintriss flagship SmartPAC PRO Press Automation Controller builds on the proven functionality of the ProCamPAC PLS by offering additional cam timing options that provide unprecedented flexibility and functionality. Additional cam timing options include a Toggle Cam Output that performs an asymmetrical toggle function, turning an output off or on for different stroke amounts. The output can be used to operate diverter gates and to control complex gagging operations. An On/Off Output precisely controls functions that need to operate at preset intervals instead of on every machine cycle.
Advanced DiProPAC for SmartPAC PRO
Advanced DiProPAC for SmartPAC PRO offers even greater Die Protection functionality. Highlights include a customizable green sensor type called Green Flex. This versatile cyclic sensor monitoring type now allows for specification of the required state of the sensor at the start and end of the ready window. The sensor can be set to require a specific number of actuations inside the ready window. A Masking feature is available on most Green Sensor types, including Green Flex, and is used to monitor events that occur regularly but not on every stroke.
ShopFloorConnect® OEE and Data Collection Software
ShopFloorConnect® OEE and Data Collection Software collects downtime and production efficiency data from every machine, ranging from stamping presses to fabricating machines and more, in all areas of discrete manufacturing. Data is displayed in real-time, and indispensable manufacturing reports are produced, including detailed OEE reports in a variety of formats. ShopFloorConnect PM Tracker enables users to track important machine preventative maintenance (PM) items by run-hours or machine cycles, issues targeted alerts when an item requires PM, and tracks the maintenance work history for all machines.
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