About Stamtec Metal Stamping and Forming Equipment
Stamtec is one of the largest press builders in the world, with more than 60,000 presses sold; 1500 employees; 6,500,000 square feet of facilities worldwide, producing more than 3,000 presses per year. * One of the largest in-stock inventory of mechanical and servo presses in North America * Manufactured by our own employees in our own factories, since 1949 * Electrical/mechanical engineers, project management/sales application, service/support from our 72,000 sq. ft. facility near Nashville, TN * Complete turn-key integration of press, quick die change, coil feedline, transfer system and other peripheral equipment * Competitive pricing for a well-built, high-performance product
Founded: 1949
Headquarters: Manchester, TN
Contact person: Lee Ellard
Contact number: 931-393-5050
Mechanical Metal Stamping Presses
Stamtec's mechanical presses provide numerous advantages : Reliability- Extremely durable, long-lived and easy to maintain, Stamtec presses are able to withstand heavy use, making them a reliable choice for businesses that require consistent and efficient production Efficiency- Stamtec presses can operate at high speeds and produce a large volume of parts in a short amount of time, which can help your business increase productivity and reduce production costs Versatility- With Stamtec presses, you can stamp a wide variety of metals including: steel, aluminum and copper, and stamp a wide range of products from small electric components to large automotive parts.
Servo-mechanical Presses
Achieve greater productivity and profitability in today’s competitive stamping market. With Stamtec’s servo press, the standard electric motor, flywheel and clutch/brake are replaced with high-torque, low-rpm servo motors. Press controls specifically designed for the Servo Mechanical Press achieve a wide variety of stroke lengths and slide movement profiles while supplying full working energy even at low speeds. Stroke profiles can be custom-designed to meet your needs, and the press comes equipped with many preprogrammed stroke profiles, including pendulum, forming, drawing, coining, fine-blanking, pulse extruding, forging, etc. Available from 80 ton C-Frame to 2400 ton Straight-Side
Feeding & Coil Handling Equipment

STAMTEC Press Feeding and Coil Handling Systems provide the speed, quality and precision to exceed your most demanding stamping requirements.

3-IN-1 Systems
Servo Feeder, Straightener and Uncoiler
Stamtec 3-IN-1 Servo Feeder, Straightener and Uncoiler are accurate, built to handle a wide range of material width and thickness, and can reduce waste.

2-IN-1 Systems
Compact Straightener and Uncoiler
Stamtec 2-IN-1 Compact Straightener and Uncoiler provides optimum straightening and excellent value.
The modular design can handle a wide range of material widths and thicknesses to increase production capabilities for thin to heavy-duty stamping applications.

Separated Equipment
Uncoilers, Straighteners, Feeders and Shears
Stamtec offers a modular design, rugged construction and high quality components to ensure exceptional performance and dependable feeds.

Cold Forging Presses Vs. Hot-warm Forging Presses
  • Material Strength: Cold forging presses manufacture stronger parts because the material is strain-hardened on a molecular level during the forging process, while hot-warm presses create parts that couldn’t be made otherwise, thanks to the softened steel used in the process.
  • Durability: Both Cold and Hot-Warm forging presses offer a high rigidity frame and tie rods for maximum durability.
  • Stamtec cold forging presses are equipped with knuckle joint drive systems, which can alter the motion velocity of the press slide to a slow speed as it approaches the bottom dead-end center point.
  • Stamtec hot-warm forging presses run on oversize eccentric shafts, which provide more accuracy and higher rigidity than eccentric gears or crankshafts.
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