About Soitaab USA
Since 1938 Soitaab has been a premier provider of metal fabrication equipment. With a long history of innovation and industry firsts, Soitaab has always maintained a customer-focused approach. From simple plug-and-play systems to highly engineered multi-process machines for shipyards and steel service centers, Soitaab can provide the right solution. Our complete product range of plasma, oxy-fuel, waterjet, and laser cutting equipment, allows us to match the right technology to every fabrication requirement. Through using this equipment in our own steel service center, Soitaab has a unique understanding of our customers’ businesses and their most demanding challenges.
Founded: 1938
Headquarters: Naperville, IL 60563
Contact person: Dave Maxham
Contact number: (410) 456-1335
Soitaab Omniatech
OMNIAtech is the latest innovation from Soitaab for all-in-one Multi-purpose heavy fabrication systems. The perfect combination of multi-function technologies, offering, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, bevel cutting, drilling, tapping, surface milling, hole milling, countersinking, and a wide range of marking. Sophisticated CNC controls and software allows the system to work in perfect harmony seamlessly integrating every process through an intuitive and easy-to-use operator interface. The rigid double-beam construction completely protects all linear guides and moving parts. A wide range of options are available, like pipe cutting, plasma grate cutting, tool changers, fully automated plate and part handling, and more.
Soitaab Plasma Red
Soitaab’s Plasma Red is a complete Plug-and-Play plasma solution in a unitized machine body. Plasma Red is our mid-range design offering higher levels of versatility but the same high-quality performance and ease of use. We offer a range of the world’s most well-known, reliable, and technically advanced plasma supplies. Plasma Red now boasts Soitaab’s world-renowned bevel head. This same bullet-proof bevel head design has been a work-horse in heavy fabrication applications for over 15 years. With easy electronic calibration, Soitaab’s bevel head sets the standard for versatility, ease of use, and a robust mechanical design.
Soitaab Lasertech
Soitaab’s new range of fiber laser machines offers the best technology for versatility, accuracy, and high-performance cutting. Yield high productivity and improved reliability on a variety of materials and thicknesses. Featuring Fiber Lasers from 3kW up to 20kW with standard cutting areas from 5′ x 10′ up to 10′ x 80′ and larger. Achieve the highest level of cutting quality and the highest operating speeds with simple and complete process control through our efficient and intuitive parameter-driven CNC. Fiberline can be equipped with Soitaab’s bevel head with a new autocalibration system for fast and easy calibration.
Soitaab's Expanded Manufacturing Facility
Since its founding in 1938, Soitaab has become a recognized leader in the international cutting machine market with more than 9500 machine installations worldwide. From manufacturing the first CNC-controlled flame-cutting machine in 1978 to building the world’s largest band saw in 2003, Soitaab has always maintained a leading position in cutting technology, all supported by world-class service and support. After moving into its state-of-the-art lean manufacturing facility in 2016, today Soitaab is continuing expansion to meet customers’ needs with a new 70,000 sq.ft. manufacturing hall opening in the fall of 2023.
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