About Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics Co., Ltd.
Registered in 2006, JPT is focusing on the R&D, production, sales and technology service of optical fiber devices, lasers and laser intelligent equipments. After years of development, JPT has an international R&D team, global marketing platform and serves for many well-known customers in Asia, North America, Europe and etc. Based on laser technologies, JPT integrates leading technologies such as laser and optics, test and measurement, motion control and automation, machine vision. The company highly values intellectual property and has applied for more than 700 patents.
Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Shenzhen
Contact person: Susan Hu
Contact number: +86755-29528181
Contact email: susan@jptoe.com
MOPA pulsed fiber laser YDFLP-CL2-200-5-A
JPT CL series laser make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. It designed with ultra-light output connector, and still be anti-high reflection, definitely be the best option for handheld or robot cleaning system. Product Advantage: 1. Lightweight and portable 2. High reliability 3. Greater pulse energy and higher beam quality
CW fiber laser AOB-3000/3000CZ
JPT AOB (Adjustable Output Beam) laser is the optima combination of optical, mechanical, electrical and software components. It is the most suitable laser source for industrial laser welding and other applications. Product Advantage: 1. High photoelectric conversion rate, stable laser power output 2. Multiple options for the center and outer fiber core diameters, adaptable to a wider range of application scenarios 3. Independent adjustable power for the center and outer rings, dual analog control output 4. High-reflection material welding with no splashing, stable welding seam formation and good consistency 5. Real-time power output feedback, power closed-loop compensation.
DPSS Seal-355-30S
Seal-355-30S UV DPSSL adopts an integrated structure design. Combining the optical unit with external driving circuit, which makes that the product has a strong anti-interference capability. The optical unit and circuit are fully sealed. It is fully capable of working in high temperature and humidity environment. LBO electric point switching function ensures the product’s longer service life. Product Advantage: 1. Optoelectronic integration, strong anti-interference, one-key start 2. Fully enclosed structure, dust-proof and moisture-proof 3. Automated air management inside the cavity, longer service life 4. Upgraded UV crystal shift, multi-position available.
Picosecond Laser JPT-IR-30
JPT-PS picosecond laser series are based on the novel application approach with a compact dual-layers cavity and smart opto-electronic design. It adapts to fine industrial machining environment and merging scientific characterizations. Presently infrared and ultraviolet version are available for the customs with a minimum pulse duration around 6 ps. JPT picosecond laser possesses powerful functions providing the POD and Burst Mode, the tunable repetition rate ranges from single short to 1MHz. Product Advantage: 1. Short pulse output of less than 10ps 2. Concise and compact cavity design 3. Pulse string editing modes such as Burst/PSO.
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