About Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
Richardson Electronics provides Original quality laser parts and consumables, without the Original prices for Trumpf®, Bystronic®, and other leading laser manufacturers. Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM quality standards while maintaining the same form, fit, and function all at highly competitive prices. Richardson Electronics is a global company. We carry local inventory, and our logistics capabilities enable us to quickly ship products to any location, assisting customers to maximize machine uptime while reducing cost of operation. Our superior quality parts, outstanding selection, and competitive pricing make Richardson your number-one source for laser spare parts.
Founded: 1947
Headquarters: 40W267 Keslinger Road LaFox, IL 60147 USA
Contact person: David Reinhard
Contact number: 630-208-2200
Contact email: laser@rell.com
Push-Fit Nozzles for Bystronic® Fiber Lasers
Richardson Electronics introduces its new line of push-fit nozzles for use in Bystronic® Fiber Lasers including machines with automatic nozzle changers. Our new line includes the Classic style made of high-quality copper and the Precision style made of brass. We are also launching the F-Style nozzles series with chrome plated tip, which offers better performance and wear resistance when cutting materials where the standard copper or brass nozzles lag, due to spatters and thermal effects. See the complete list of new nozzles at www.rellaser.com/bystronic-push-fit-nozzles. And view our full assortment of Bystronic® laser parts and accessories at www.rellaser.com/bystronic-laser-parts.
Protective Windows for High-Power Fiber Lasers
Richardson Electronics is adding more protective windows and fiber laser lenses that are a high-quality cost-effective aftermarket alternative for use in lasers of up to 20 KW, including TRUMPF®, Bystronic®, BLM®, Precitec®, and other leading laser brands. Manufactured to the tightest tolerances and with appropriate coating to withstand the power and thermal stress that the newer high-power fiber lasers call for, Richardson Electronics protective windows deliver the quality your laser needs. Among our newest protective windows is the 34 x 3 mm Sapphire protective window used in high-power Bystronic® lasers. View our full assortment of protective windows at www.rellaser.com/protective-windows.
Laminated bellows for Bystronic® Fiber Lasers
Richardson Electronics is introducing its new series of Bellows with laminated covers for use in Bystronic® Fiber Laser machines. The X-axis bellows on these machines have been designed with flexible stainless steel laminated covers that protect them from sparks and reduce their wear and tear. For over 10 years, we have been manufacturing and supplying bellows specifically made for the laser market. We carry local stock in the US and Europe for prompt delivery, to help you reduce downtime and keep your cost down. Learn more at www.rellaser.com/bystronic-fiber-laser-bellows. View our full assortment of Bystronic laser parts and accessories at https://www.rellaser.com/bystronic-laser-parts.
Dust Collection Filters
Richardson Electronics is one of the largest aftermarket suppliers of laser-grade dust collection filters, which are direct drop-in replacements for most Handte®, Camfil®, and Keller® dust extractors used on most TRUMPF® lasers. We use filter media that meets HEPA H13 – H14 standards: capable of removing up to 99.995% of the finest laser grade dust, keeping your shop air clean, and running your equipment efficiently. The filter plates are constructed using tip‐to‐tip gluing, providing longer life, and are made in Europe by experts with more than 30 years of experience in filtration technology. View our dust collection filters at: www.rellaser.com/dust-collection-filters.
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