About Pemamek LLC
Pemamek Ltd., founded in 1970, is a global welding and production automation leader. With extensive 50-years of experience in welding and production automation, Pemamek is dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and the power generation industry, raise their level of productivity. Pemamek is a family-owned limited company with solid finances. The company employs 300 personnel at its headquarters and factory in Finland and has local sales offices in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Poland.
Founded: 1970
Headquarters: Loimaa, Finland
Contact person: Michael Bell
Contact number: 832 966 0294
PEMA Skytrack
The Skytrack is a compact robotic welding system to facilitate welding of transmission housing, gearboxes, drive units, hydraulic units, and more. The Skytrack also features the intelligent PEMA Skyhook Positioner with integrated robot track. Movement on every axis is servo-motor driven and fully integrated with the controller for synchronous movement of the robot and positioner. This configuration helps maintain the proper axis or plane on the weld element so that it can be rotated and turned synchronously in the correct PA position for the best possible weld joint penetration and deposition.
Skyhook Pro Intelligent Positioners
The Skyhook Pro Intelligent Positioners are built upon proven Skymaster Pro positioning technology. Controlled by a RC32H-wired remote control and intelligent software, Skyhook Pro positioners are capable of working with heavy loads up to 15 tons. The ability to pre-program and modify movements as needed has eliminated the need for clamping. They can be rotated +/-180 degrees for optimal positioning. Additionally, because the programs are generated ahead of time by more experienced welders, those new to the trade can continue operations for optimal working cycles using just the remote control and a pedal. This also provides for safer operation.
PEMA WeldControl 300 Software
The PEMA WeldControl 300 product family is available in three different software levels, OFFLINE, CREATE and SCAN, allowing to be completed rapidly without any manufacturing interruptions. PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE (OLP) software has been developed for 3D-CAD-based offline programming. With PEMA WeldControl 300 CREATE, welded work-piece measurements and features are fed to the system in parametric form. The system then models the work-piece and generates the welds. PEMA WeldControl 300 SCAN automatically suggests welding paths according to modeling data. Adjustments are made according to actual measurement information so that the workpiece and its position will be consistent with reality.
PEMA Skymaster Pro
The PEMA Skymaster PRO welding positioner represents a fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology. The PEMA Skymaster PRO series expands the handling capabilities of previous Skymaster positioners with new intelligent PRO- software that enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions. Thanks to the visual software tool, the operator gets a better understanding of the overall production, improves manufacturing capacity, and saves time especially in serial production.
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