About Mazak Optonics Corp
Mazak Optonics, a leader in laser technology, offers a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D laser-cutting machine models for the metal fabrication and structural steel markets. This innovative range of products enables Mazak to better meet fabricators’ specific laser application needs while significantly improving production efficiency, competitive positioning, and profitability. Mazak utilizes innovative engineering and intelligent automation to simplify operations and deliver more consistent machine performance. Mazak Optonics supports the North American installation base from its headquarters in Elgin, IL. mazakoptonics.com
Founded: 1919
Headquarters: Elgin, IL
Contact person: Michelle Parks
Contact number: 8472424210
OPTIPLEX NEO-the Flexible Laser with Maximum Control
Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEO laser-cutting machines deliver optimal thick and thin metal cutting, higher cutting speed, and superior edge quality. Available in a range of power levels from 4kW to 20kW, NEO is also available in 3015 and 4220 platforms. These laser machines features: innovative beam shape and diameter control, easy access to materials with large front and side access doors, a proprietary cutting head, intuitive control, and other intelligent options to support optimal laser-cutting performance.
Smart Cell
Improve your internal logistics and production flow with Mazak's cutting-edge automation technology, SMART CELL. The robotic sorting system utilizes a 6-axis industrial robot and an innovative design to deliver high performance for fabrication job shops and production environments. The base design is very compact and provides modular integration in a wide range of configurations. SMART CELL incorporates multiple customizable magnetic or suction cup gripper options for sorting laser cut parts and loading/unloading raw material. This system is available to suit different types of applications for unattended production and can be integrated with other compact load/unload automation systems from Mazak.
The FT-150 FIBER has been designed for high-speed cutting and reduced non-cutting process to improve cycle times. The result is superior productivity with high throughput. This fiber tube laser machine includes a unique design and a proprietary agile U-Axis to facilitate speed and productivity. The FT-150 FIBER utilizes a series of advanced technologies and optional features to streamline and automate laser-cutting tube production processes. Additional options available to support optimal tube-cutting performance.
FG-400 NEO
The FG-400 NEO is designed to provide automatic and continuous 3D laser cutting of tube, pipe, and structural material. Advanced technology featured on the FG-400 NEO results in higher productivity and efficiency than conventional laser-cutting systems. FG-400 NEO advanced features include: beam shape/diameter control delivers optimal laser-cutting performance of various materials and thicknesses, proprietary 3D cutting head maximizes flexibility and expands the range of applications, four-chuck work support system enables high accuracy cutting of heavier material with larger diameters and lengths.
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