About LVD North America
LVD is a leading manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment, including flat bed and tube laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and automation systems, integrated to and supported by its CADMAN® software suite. LVD Industry 4.0-ready products and technology make smart manufacturing possible. Visit: http://www.lvdgroup.com.
Founded: 1952 LVD Group
Headquarters: Akron, New York - US Headquarters
Contact number: 800-828-1527
D-Cell Robotic Bending Cell
LVD introduces D-Cell, its most competitively priced robotic bending cell yet. D-Cell combines a 55-ton hydraulic press brake with Kuka industrial robot and LVD’s unique programming software for “art to part” production in 20 minutes or less. At the heart of D-Cell is the versatile PPED press brake. A simple, cost-efficient design makes PPED practical and easy to use for a variety of bending jobs. Its rigid construction, welded one-piece frame and servo-controlled hydraulic system ensure consistent bending results.
Strippit PL Punch-Laser Combination Machine
Strippit PL offers the efficiency of two technologies in one machine for highly flexible manufacturing. The punch press handles high-speed punching and forming operations. The fiber laser delivers high-quality cutting of outer contours, intricate inner contours and can be used for material etching. Choose the machine that best suits your application requirements: a single-head punch press with 20 direct-drive indexable tool stations or a turret-style machine with 40- or 48-station capacity.
Phoenix FL-3015 Laser Cutting Machine
The high-power 20 kW Phoenix FL-3015 processes a range of materials in thicknesses up to 40 mm. The 20-kW machine cuts up to 2.5 times faster than a 10-kW fiber laser. It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems. Phoenix FL offers several options to advance performance, including a 17-station automatic nozzle changer, CADMAN-L programming software, and MOVit modular automation from the Compact Tower to full tower and warehouse systems (TAS and WAS).
ToolCell Automated Tool-changing Press Brake
ToolCell automated tool changing press brake maximizes bending productivity through an integrated storage of tooling, housed within the machine. While the operator is preparing parts for the next job, the machine unloads the previous tool setup and loads the next setup, all without manual intervention. ToolCell is equipped with LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) adaptive bending system. EFL provides in-process angle monitoring, which guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation.
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