About Lindberg/MPH
Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom industrial heat treat furnaces. Their heat treat furnaces line includes pit, box, IQ, and belt type designs for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets. They also manufacture light industrial furnaces in a range of configurations which feature compact and modular designs perfect for laboratories and research facilities. In addition to heat treat furnaces, Lindberg/MPH designs and manufactures a full line of melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous alloys. The non-ferrous melting and holding equipment designs offered include wet hearth melting, stack melters, dry hearth, crucible/pot melting, aluminum holding, and autoladle dosing.
Founded: 1912
Headquarters: Riverside, MI
Contact number: 269-849-2700
Industrial Box Furnaces
Lindberg/MPH has long been a leader in the design and manufacture of thermal processing box furnaces, also known as horizontal batch furnaces. These furnaces saves cost when treating large volumes of material with exceptional uniformity and low maintenance. That’s why horizontal furnaces are used for a wide range of heat treating processes, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, clean hardening and other processes requiring temperatures with various temperature ranges with inert gas or combustible atmospheres.
Hot Stamping Furnaces
Lindberg/MPH hot stamping and press hardening furnaces are built to be flexible and ensure continuous production. Furnace chambers can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your parts, growing as your process grows. Another advantage is that our modular design allows for individual chamber shutdown, ensuring that you never have to completely interrupt production for maintenance.
Integral Quench Heat Treat Furnaces
Lindberg/MPH Integral Quench Furnace Systems are highly productive and efficient systems that are available as either gas-fired or electrically heated. They feature obstruction-free chambers with strategically located heated sources to ensure rapid heat transfer, low energy use, and excellent temperature and carbon control.
Pit Furnaces
Lindberg/MPH offers a wide variety of pit type furnaces (also known as Top Loading Furnaces) in fuel fired or electric powered configurations that are easy to operate and control. These top loading furnaces have rugged, reinforced shells and high quality insulation. They are engineered to provide long service life, ease of maintenance and optimum thermal efficiency. VIEW PRODUCTS
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