About Lantek Systems LLC
Lantek is a multinational company leading the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal and metal industry. With its patented manufacturing intelligence software, Lantek enables factories to be connected, turning them into Smart Factories. Lantek's CAD, CAM, MES, and ERP solutions are developed for manufacturers of metal parts from sheet metal, tubes, and profiles using any cutting technology. Founded in 1986 in the Basque Country (Spain), Lantek has more than 32,000 customers in over 100 countries and 21 offices in 15 countries and an extensive network of distributors with an international presence.
Founded: 1986
Headquarters: Mason, Ohio (U.S.)
Contact person: Anupam Chakraborty
Contact number: 18778051028
EdgeLine Bevel Module for Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM Nesting Software
The EdgeLine Bevel module for Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM Nesting software is designed to streamline the CNC programming of modern TRUMPF cutting machines, providing a more efficient process for laser machining and preparing of components for welding operations. The EdgeLine Bevel technology allows specific beveling techniques to be performed without tilting the laser head, reducing overall processing time, and eliminating the need for separate work center processes. It also enables the automatic insertion of chamfers and countersinks of various sizes up to 45°, providing a faster and more efficient process with fewer errors.
Lantek v43 Software
Lantek v43 software has a host of new features and advances. The updates have been developed with a focus on process speed and efficiency, providing automatic and intelligent tools for users' day-to-day tasks in a sheet metal manufacturing environment. Improvements in manufacturing and inventory management increase flexibility when reacting to production circumstances, keeping traceability under control, strengthening security, and optimizing processes and material usage. This version also includes new options to quickly and easily reassign a set of nests from one machine to another, saving time by accelerating the process and eliminating the need to make repetitive manual adjustments.
Lantek Flex3D
Lantek Flex3D is the most flexible 3D CAD/CAM software, totally engineered by Lantek and conceived for automating the CNC programming for 3D machining tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal. Lantek Flex3D provides the most advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies (Thinkingmetal Technology) and performs at excellent level with machines of any of the existing technologies: laser, plasma, saw, oxy-fuel or water jet, even combined with complementary tools like drilling, marking, milling, tapping and others.
Lantek MES Manager
Lantek MES Manager is the sheet metal MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) that directs the execution of all manufacturing processes in the workshop, from launching work orders to production plant to the finished product.For monitoring of a manufacturing order, the system has advanced functions for grouping the parts according to different criteria, such as: machine, material, thickness, delivery date, sales order, customer, etc. Users can check, in real time, the project status and discover whether it is: stand-by, nesting, under production or finished. All statuses are graphical and managed intuitively making it possible to view the manufacturing evolution.
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