About IPG Photonics
IPG Photonics Corporation is the leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers used primarily in materials processing and other diverse applications. The Company’s mission is to develop innovative laser solutions making the world a better place. IPG accomplishes this mission by delivering superior performance, reliability and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with other types of lasers and non-laser tools, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease costs. IPG is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts and has more than 30 facilities worldwide.
Founded: 1990
Headquarters: 377 Simarano Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752
Contact person: Adam Halterman
Contact number: 508-373-1100
LightWELD Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning Systems
Made in the US to ensure full control over product quality, LightWELD™ handheld laser welding and cleaning systems are designed to revolutionize your weld quality and productivity. LightWELD™ laser welding is fast, easy to learn, and produces high quality, consistent results across a wide range of materials. Pre-weld and post-weld laser cleaning functionality optimize weld quality. Simple preset parameter selection ensures consistent process results. Wobble welding function to accommodate wider seams and for parts with poor fit-up. When comparted to traditional techniques, novice operators require less training reducing labor costs while preserving quality, increasing productivity, and decreasing scrap.
LaserCube Flatbed Laser Cutting System
LaserCube is a compact flatbed fiber laser cutting system designed for fast and reliable precision cutting of small parts in production environments. Built with a natural granite base for superior vibration dampening and high precision linear motors and encoders, LaserCube sets the gold standard for positioning accuracy and system speed. Laser powers up to 6kW take on the toughest of challenges. The LaserCube can be equipped with an optional vision system that positions cuts where they belong even when part and feature placement vary, Ideal for cutting pre-processed materials such as screen-printed plates, punched parts, or chemically etched components.
DLS Laser Heating and Drying
Solid-state laser heating systems are replacing less efficient infrared bulbs and environmentally unfriendly gas fired furnaces. These systems are exceptionally efficient, with industry leading energy efficiencies over 55% in a footprint up to 4x smaller than gas furnaces, and simple water cooling. Including a projection head for emitting wide area laser light, IPG diode laser heaters direct virtually all energy onto the target material. Combined with extremely high power conversion efficiency, the cost of ownership and return on investment of a diode laser source is unequalled. R&D workstations make developing a more sustainable and efficient heating and drying solution easy.
Ablation LaserCell
The Ablation LaserCell is a Class 1 system that provides high-speed automated cleaning, coating removal, and surface treatment for manufacturing, refurbishment, and repair applications. Laser ablation is a non-contact process that eliminates the need for abrasive materials or chemical solvents, dramatically reducing process waste for efficient and sustainable cleaning. The process is simpler, more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly than alternate technologies. LaserCell systems offer configurability with a diverse selection of lasers and choice of single and dual robot configurations and can be optimized for the fastest cycle times on a variety of different application requirements.
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