About Greenerd Press & Machine Co.
Founded in New England in 1883, Greenerd has designed and built thousands of high-quality custom and standard hydraulic presses since 1934. Designed to meet challenging application needs, Greenerd presses are made to withstand the rigors of around-the-clock production and deliver many decades of service. Greenerd has decades of in-house applications engineering experience, successfully designing presses for a broad range of manufacturing applications. Utilizing the latest engineering technologies, Greenerd engineers design and build innovative, safe, efficient, reliable hydraulic press solutions with the latest controls and automation features.
Founded: 1883
Headquarters: Nashua, New Hampshire
Contact person: Tom Lavoie
Contact number: 603-889-4101
Contact email: tlavoie@greenerd.com
Greenerd Automated Two-Press, Two-Robot Production Cell
Greenerd designed, engineered, built and turnkey-installed an automated two-press, two-robot production cell enabling unattended production of large aluminum pressure vessels. Using sensors to locate pallets of blanks that have been placed in a pallet staging area, the first FANUC robot picks a blank, detects and rejects any double-blanks, and transfers the blank to a fully integrated/ automated blank lube station. That robot then picks a previously lubricated blank and loads it into a Greenerd deep-draw press with a 76-inch stroke. A second FANUC robot then catches and transfers the formed parts to a second Greenerd press for a punching operation.
Greenerd Deep Draw Press with Fully Integrated Automation Solution
Greenerd designed and manufactured a custom, complex double-moving platen deep draw hydraulic press, integrated with two 6-Axis FANUC robots that in addition to load/ unload, prompt the press to perform multiple operations to produce a heavy-duty high pressure cylinder tank. The horizontal four-post gib-guided press has a 750-ton cylinder main ram (adjustable down to 150 tons) with a 350-ton cushion (adjustable down to 70 tons). The platen size is 113" tall x 112" deep, length is 588" and overall machine height is 173" with a daylight maximum open distance of 180". The press is equipped with a powerful, compact control.
Greenerd 2500 Ton Hot Forming Press
Greenerd designed and built a 2500 Ton custom Hot Forming Hydraulic Press, with 10-foot square heated platens maintaining 500-degree (Fahrenheit) surfaces to +/- 5 degrees. This 2500 Ton Press is part of a seven-press order. The press also features an innovative mold transfer system which significantly improves the ergonomic and safety dynamics for operators, and reduces press idle time between cycles.
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