About Diamond Ground Products
“The Tungsten Electrode Experts” at Diamond Ground Products are the #1 supplier of tungsten and tungsten preparation products in the world. We carry the largest and most diverse supply of tungsten electrodes available. We manufacture our pre-ground tungsten welding electrodes to the strictest tolerances in the welding industry. We offer the best tungsten electrode grinders on the market today, with an option for every application & budget. We are dedicated to the improvement of weld quality & welder productivity, and maintain a reputation as the industry leader in tungsten and tungsten preparation.
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Newbury Park, California
Contact person: Jim Elizarraz
Contact number: 805-498-3837
Piranha III Tungsten Grinder
The Piranha III Tungsten Grinder was designed for maximum commercial use and includes a universal collet which will grind from .040.-3/16. The construction of the New Piranha III unit is aluminum and very user-friendly. The New Piranha III unit is also fully enclosed with a 100% containment of excess tungsten electrode dust. Compact, durable & designed for the unforgiving rigors of commercial use, the Piranha III tungsten grinder continues to set the bar for precision tungsten preparation.
Stinger Disposable Tungsten Electrode
Stinger tungsten electrodes from Diamond Ground products are high-quality disposable tungsten electrodes for mechanical or manual welding applications. They are CNC ground to a "one size fits all" specification so they are in-stock and ready-to-ship yet still provide optimal weld quality and productivity. They keep you welding and not wasting time grinding inferior quality electrodes by hand!
DGP-M3-V2 Grinder with Vacuum System
Bench mounted tungsten grinder designed for orbital users. Equipped with precision cut-off assembly and a micrometer indexer that includes a diamond-grinding wheel, cutting wheel with a secondary safety cover for the cut-off assembly, four electrode guide collet sizes (.040-3/16”) and a precision angle scale. Includes vacuum system as well as foam insulated cabinet and flexible spotlight. - Vacuum system in insulated cabinet for dust collection - Heavy-duty carrying case for transport to site work - Lasercut tip/flat gauge for flat size measurement - Short collets available for grinding short electrodes Flexible spotlight Pre-wired and integrated 220v step down transformer
Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes
DGP specializes in pre-ground tungsten electrodes for all welding applications. DGP electrodes are manufactured to the strictest tolerances on precision CNC grinding machines with advanced programming and CAD CAM capability. Our tungsten welding electrodes are designed to maximize the productivity of welders, keeping them welding and not spending their valuable time grinding tungsten. The quality of our tungsten also helps ensure high-quality and consistent welds that limit errors and scrap unlike any other tungsten on the market. DGP produces the highest quality tungsten electrodes at the most reasonable prices available.
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