About Cosen Saws
Founded in 1976, Cosen Saws is one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers with a vast product line and global sales network. Cosen Saws North American offices and warehouses are located in Charlotte, NC. From there, the company provides an extensive selection of service replacement parts and local machine technicians. Cosen Saws warehouse inventory contains over 150 new machines in stock including horizontal, mitering, and vertical tilt-frame band saws. Many of these saws are specifically designed with structural and general fabricators in mind. Cosen Saws mission is to help customers find the right cutting solutions for their applications.
Founded: 1976
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Contact person: Arjun Patel
Contact number: 704-943-1030
Cosen Saws proudly presents the NC-510MG Fully Automatic Mitering Band Saw, boasting full capacity bundle clamps and a 60° mitering capability. This model houses a 1.25” blade driven by a 5HP motor, offering efficiency in a 13" x 20" cutting capacity at 90°. Its programmable powered mitering with angle display drastically reduces setup time, automating material indexing for precise cuts. This advanced machine ensures reliability, convenience, and versatility for operators, making it the ideal choice for demanding production environments. Experience enhanced productivity with Cosen's latest band saw innovation.
Introducing Cosen's V-1822 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw, expanding our product line to meet diverse fabrication needs. Designed with a compact 18" x 22" capacity, it offers cost-effective cutting solutions for various applications. Popular among fabricators, this manual saw enables miter cuts from 0-60° in both directions. It features a 1 1/4" blade powered by a 5 HP motor, and a standard adjustable 0-5° blade cant for enhanced blade life and efficient cuts. Ideal for non-production settings, the V-1822 combines affordability with Cosen's renowned tilt-frame design to provide reliable performance in a changing fabrication market.
Cosen Saws MH-1018JA is a reliable manual horizontal scissor-style band saw, perfect for small to medium machine shops, maintenance shops, metal fabricators, schools, and limited run production work. Its solid construction ensures long-lasting performance and accuracy. With a round capacity of 10" and a rectangular capacity of 9" x 16.5" (9" x 10" at 45°), it can handle cutting square, round, and rectangular solids, as well as tubing materials. Equipped with a 2 HP saw blade motor, the MH-1018JA utilizes an 11' x 1" x .035" blade. This saw provides precision and efficiency for various cutting tasks.
The G320, combines rigidity, cutting-edge software, technology, and affordability. Its true stainless steel dual column design is ideal for high-production settings. Enhanced by Cosen's V_Drive technology, the G320 boosts operator efficiency, improves cut results, and reduces cost per cut. With a round capacity of 12.8" and a rectangular capacity of 12.8" x 15", this saw delivers versatility. Standard features include Cosen's quick approach bar system, Save-A-Blade feature, and NC-Control system. Operators can store up to 100 cutting jobs, index material up to 999", and manage workflow via an easy-to-use HMI touchscreen display.
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