BLM GROUP is a global leader in tube and sheet metal processing solutions. Its product line includes laser tube and flat sheet cutting and bending, tube cold sawing, end-forming, end-machining and wire bending machines. The company has more than 60 years of experience and thousands of applications in the development of tube and sheet metal fabrication equipment. With headquarters in Italy, the North American location in Novi, Michigan, provides tube processing solutions to the United States, Canada and Mexico. For more information, please visit BLMGROUP.com, call 248.560.0080 or sales@blmgroupusa.com
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: Como, Italy and Novi, Michigan
Contact person: Gunar Gossard
Contact number: 248-560-0080
ProBend Press Brake with Automation
The E-Series ProBend press brake is available in sizes from 44 – 276 ton models, which are capable of handling bending lengths of 4’ – 17’. Integrate various punch and die clamping systems and adapters with hydraulic or manual options for Wila New Standard, Wila American Style or European-Style tooling with a wide range of bottom die holder options. Now available with automated robotic load and unload with pallets and flexible EOAT. These high-precision press brakes offer reliability, high productivity, and are a perfect complement to the company’s flat sheet lasers.
LS7 Sheet Laser with Automation
The LS7 laser cutting machine is available in laser powers up to 12kW and can cut a variety of materials in thicknesses from 0.20” to 1.57”, or even double sheets, depending upon the material and selected laser power. Available in two versions – the 3015 with a maximum sheet size of 121.5” x 62.2” and the 4020, capable of handling sheet sizes up to 162.5" x 79.5". Now available with automated sheet loading and unloading, which can accommodate one or two storage towers for automated material type and thickness changeovers, which is especially well-suited for unmanned operations.
E-TURN Tube Bender
BLM GROUP’s E-TURN tube bender offers fixed and variable radii bending in R- and L-handed automatic cycles. The all-electric drive ensures precision of 15-axes movement for consistent, perfect-quality bends, zero scrap. Tubes in most materials and section types—such as round, square, rectangle, flat sided, oval and elliptical—can be automatically loaded, bent and unloaded. Available in four sizes capable of handling maximum tube O.D. ranging from 30mm x 2mm (1.18-in. x 0.079-in.) to 50.8mm x 1.5mm (2-in. x 0.059-in.).
LT7 Tube Laser
The LT7 tube laser features a 3D tilt cutting head and can perform high-precision angular cuts in round tubes, square, rectangle, and open profiles, and special sections from 0.39” - 6" and up to 50 lbs./ft. Available with 3, 4 or 5kW fiber laser and able to use a variety of assist gases. At the end of each batch, the loader, spindle, steady rest and intermediate supports automatically adapt to the new section to be cut, without interrupting the production cycle. The machine is equipped with Active Tools so that the LT7 can automatically adapt process parameters for optimal results.
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