February 2012


De·ter·mi·na·tion: noun (di-ter-me-na-shan) 1. the act or an instance of making a decision 2. the condition of being determined; resoluteness 3. the act or an instance of ending an argument by the opinion or decision of an authority 4. the act or an instance of fixing or settling the quality, limit, position, etc, of something 5. a decision or opinion reached, rendered, or settled upon 6. a resolute movement towards some object or end 7.(law) the termination of an estate or interest 8. (law) the decision reached by a court of justice on a disputed matter.

I believe determination is one of the greatest traits a person can possess.

With determination comes a strong will, optimism, persistence and a good set of priorities. When people are determined, coupled with the passion for persistence, they have the drive to work through difficult situations, reaching for their goals and pushing themselves to do their very best. Determination and persistence are very powerful characteristics, ones that truly impact a life.

Dreams and goals are attainable when you have the determination to aim for them, working your hardest to do your best. You can reach your full potential if you have the will to do your very best at all times and work past the many difficulties that arise along life’s path. Being determined gives you the strength and will to push yourself. Even when you don’t want to, just knowing you should gives you that extra push in the right direction.

Successes in life are generally a result of dedicated work, commitment and determination. You can’t simply wake up one morning and have accomplished life’s most rigorous task, but you can wake up and decide to work at it. Everything is a work in progress at some point, and with the strength of determination and persistence, in time, it becomes an achievement.

Reflecting back to 1987, while I was visiting a machine-tool show in Chicago, I was focused on buying a hydraulic ironworker. I was absolutely amazed to learn of the variety of machines that were available. Manufacturers were now able to control their machines using computers.

Technology continued to evolve bringing CAD/CAM into the industry. I would have liked nothing more than to take home one of those new CNC machines. I decided at that very moment that I would one day purchase one. I was filled with determination. Although it wasn’t imminent at the time, I continued pushing forward to achieve my goal.

With the arrival of a recession there were several obstacles to overcome. The company’s sales/revenue ratio versus the cost of the machine was far from encouraging. The local banking industry, recovering from the oil crisis of the mid 80s, was leery to finance an investment in technology. Interest rates were continually rising and were at a premium rate. Facing discouragement, I forged forward and continued to pursue my goal.

Within three years, the determination and persistence paid off. I purchased my first CNC machine, the TRUMPF Minimatic 100 Punch Press. Within one week, the TRUMPF machine increased production, generated revenue and offered improved service for my customers. Since my first CNC machine purchase, I’ve continued to proceed with persistence and determination to keep pace with advancements in innovation and technology.

A determined person is usually optimistic as well, which is also a valuable trait to possess. Being able to look past the shadows, to see the light so that you can stay on course, is a very incredible skill. Someone who lacks determination wouldn’t have the mindset to look for the bright side in things and would settle for mediocrity. Optimism plays a big role in improvement. Allowing yourself to believe you can improve, and actually doing it, is the key to being determined.

Today I’m faced with a tough economy that has made the majority of businesses vulnerable. Again, I continue to be persistent and determined to rise above yet another recession and succeed. As production and revenue decreased, I was faced with many crucial decisions. I was determined that BEGNEAUD would not be abandoned.

Changes were inevitable. I was confronted with a personnel layoff for the first time. With the continuing decline of revenue, I was faced with liquidating company assets. However, the BEGNEAUD team continued to push forward, constantly moving and improving, focusing on the future. The future is looking brighter although our work is not complete.

Having goals and objectives is a necessity for a determined person. Prioritizing helps you keep your goals in check and likewise makes them easier to attain. Determination and optimism drive me to achieve ultimate successes in life both personally and professionally. The reason I reach my goals is because I refuse to give up, no matter how many difficulties arise or the lack of support I receive from others.

I believe determination is a main ingredient in leading a successful life. Your life is yours to control and to create. Set your goals and proceed with determination and persistence in accomplishing them and your dreams. Without it, you don’t have the drive to achieve great things or refine and enrich yourself.

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